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Time to purge with a yard sale! out with the old and in with the money ; )

Time to purge!  out with the old and in with the money ; )

My friend's neighborhood is doing a yard sale this Saturday so this week I'm slowly collecting items for the yard sale pile.  The kids are also going through their belongings and setting up a pile too.

I'm excited to purge and also excited for the kids as I'll set them up with a cookie and lemonade stand so they can make some fun money.

With the yard sale money I intend to donate a portion to the relief effort for the Tornado victims.  My company is going above and beyond again by matching employee donations.  Any leftover items will go to purple heart and the remainder of the yard sale money will go towards a summer fun day trip for the kids.

Have you had success with a yard sale this year already?
Any tips and tricks that you'd like to share?


Adelina Priddis said:

We just had one last saturday. It was fun, though a little cold. Be lenient on prices. People yard sale to get a good deal. but don't sell for less then it's worth to you. Near the end of the yard sale do "fill a bag for $1" things go fast!

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