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Do you smell like a million bucks? Grab a Free Bottle of Mr Clean with Gain!

gain 300x151 Free Bottle of Mr Clean with Gain!!

Head on over and upload a video from your webcam saying “I use Gain and I smell like a million bucks!”

Do this and you will earn yourself a Free 28-oz bottle of Mr. Clean with the scent of Gain.
Thanks  Mojosavings


Anonymous said:

What If You dont have a webcam??

Seth S said:

We did it! Take a look at our 30 second video. It just got submitted yesterday, so it could use some help on views! Let us know what you thought!

Unknown said:

Our family made a video. My daughter thought it would be fun to do a fairytale where GAIN beats the curse of Dirtzilla. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Please click here and click LIKE
Then go to
Make sure video is for Mary B
Watch 1 minute video until it ENDS or the view won’t count.
Thanks sooooooooooooo much!!!

Julian said:

Check out this video, and show support for college students! (Vanderbilt, VCU, JMU)

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