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Spring coat that's sure to become a classic

Guest post written by Hannah Spoole

When people think of spring, they think of bright colors and pastels. But I'm not really one for colors like that. I've stuck with black for years now and I'm not looking to change my signature color anytime soon. It's just so much easier to wear black with anything and I can let me accessories do the real talking for me, which is the way that I like it.

But the time has come for a new spring coat. I bought a black trench coat years ago as a lighter coat, but I thought that I would venture out a little bit and go for a light gray coat instead. I went online with my to find a good coat that would still suit my style and serve as a basic backdrop for my favorite accessories. I really did have a whole lot to choose from, so I decided to go with one that was on clearance.

But even though I stuck to solid gray on the outside, I found one with this really neat plaid pattern on the inside. I doubt anyone will really see it, but that's something neat for me to know is there.


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