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Life would be so simple if we all coupon
We would save money and with all the free and near free items that we could stockpile we could share with our family and help our neighbors and those less fortunate.  Kids would find it cool to hang with Mom and Dad clipping or printing coupons and filling neat coupon wallets or writing deal scenarios, learning the value of money.  With the savings we could save it for a rainy day or donate to worthy causes or worry less about the stock market.  Maybe there would be peace as there's nothing to fight about with free food and water in abundance.  Idealistic right? but you know its sure better than paying full price....

My message is a simple one nurture your children (our future) not only with food and water but with right and wrong, teach them respect and value, be accountable for their actions.

A poem written by our beloved Nephew at age 11 who was unjustly taken away from us on Memorial day at the age of 21.  He touched so many lives at such a young age as an EMT and volunteer fireman which is a wonderful testament to his Mom and Dad who helped him reach his goal of being a fireman and helping others.

I am a wild boy who loves wrestling
I wonder if wrestling will still be around in the year 3000
I hear the clouds swaying above
I see the dodo bird running
I want to be famous
I am a wild boy who loves wrestling

I pretend I'm a fireman that becomes a hero
I feel my dog crying for help
I touch the dodo bird's fur
I worry if I'll die
I cry when I burn myself
I am a wild boy who loves wrestling

I understand that we will all die one day
I say I'll stay safe
I dream of becoming a marine
I try to help others
I hope we can make peace with others
I am a wild boy who loves wrestling
Life is short, make the most of your time and enjoy every minute with your little ones : ) 


Anonymous said:

I completely agree. Couponing not only saves our own families a ton of money, but allows us more money to donate to other causes. Plus, it allows us to teach our children not only fiscal responsibilities, but to help others in need. This may sound silly, but couponing has definitely brought our family closer. We cut our coupons and go through the paper together and my son loves to go shopping with me to hunt deals and hand the coupons to the cashier.
I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. It is a definite reminder for how short life can be and how we must enjoy each day to the fullest, love our children, and enjoy every minute we have with them. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

A. Kerr said:

My son B loves to help me coupon. I save my expired coupons for him to play with while I get ready for our shopping trips for the week. I also make sure I get something fun as a filler item that he can have for being such a good "helper".
A. Kerr

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