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Coastal Contacts is offering 2,000 free pairs of glasses EVERY DAY (Facebook offer)

I wear glasses to and from the bathroom (LOL)  I wear contacts 99% of the day but need a pair of glasses as a back up.

Coastal Contacts is hosting a Great American Glasses Giveaway and is giving away 100,000 pairs of prescription glasses. They will be giving away 2,000 coupon codes for a free pair on their Facebook Page every day beginning at 9 a.m. EST for the next 50 days.

Here’s how to get your free pair of glasses:
Go to the Coastal Contacts Facebook Page and click on the ‘Free Glasses!’ tab on the left side of the page.
Click on the “Like” button on the Coastal Contacts Facebook Page (if you haven’t already) and this will reveal your coupon code.
Visit the Coastal Contacts website and select a pair of glasses.
Place your order using the Facebook coupon code and you’ll just pay shipping (around $10-$15) for a pair of glasses.
Coastal Contacts will be giving away 2,000 pairs each day for the next 50 days.  So if you miss out today don't worry just come back the next day - be ready with what you want and you'll be sure to grab a pair!!!


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