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Empowering kids to express their individual style on an affordable budget #jcpback2school

Kids are born with blank canvases and with their raw imagination can paint some wild pictures.  Be it there individual nuances such as eating habits or wild pairings of outfits its fun being a Mom being able to watch this all unfold.

Take for example my fun sassy 4 year old.  Her favorite color is pink, pink and pink.  There's always something pink on her at all times.  Her latest craze is to wear mismatched flip flops, her best friend wore it to our house one day and so there became the new trend.  I actually think its a cute trend and we always get comments from friends and strangers "Do you know your daughter has mismatched flip flops?" and when I tell them its planned and she decided to wear them like that they remark "how imaginative!".  I'm sure they secretly want to embrace this new style themselves but as an adult this would be a faux pas unless you are of course Selena Gomez or the Beibster.

Different colored flip flops

I grew up in school uniform but here children can wear "street clothes".  This can be costly on parents.  Especially, as kids get older their indiviual style gets more expensive as name brands come into play and children compare themselves with their peers.  My children at the age of 6 and 4 know of some name brands through their friends, ads on TV but since they are so young and growing so rapidly, name brands are kept at bay and in comes quality affordable clothes that lasts the season or during growth spurts. 

Why spend the money on one expensive item when you can buy 3 and make your money go further.  We head to stores such as Target, JCPenney, Sears and Children's Place and scout the sales.  I even pair them up with cashback sites such as ebates and use coupons to make my money go even further.  One great tip is to wait for the end of the season and buy a year ahead.  Its always fun to start the new season and find out you only paid $2 for those jeans.

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