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Free Pack of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs!

Don't you just hate big brand free coupon giveaways which are not guarenteed and even when you land on the facebook page on the dot, after clicking you are not one of the first to get your free coupon.  Well here's a no brainer opportunity for a free coupon for Oscar Mayer hotdogs.

Visit the Taste-a-Monials page and tell them what you think about Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs. Every review helps increase the coupon value (all the way up to FREE). Don’t forget to tell your friends too! They will be be giving away 60,000 coupons during this promotion and you will receive an email once your coupon is ready after August 15!! Be sure to spread the news!

UPDATE: The value is already up to $3.20 so it won’t be long until they are Free.


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