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How do you organize your coupons?

I just had to share with you the state of my wallet.  Its now become not only a holder of my money and cards but my coupon wallet too.  I used to be so organized and had separate envelopes for each type of coupon but slowly they migrated to my wallet and now when I pay for my groceries I pull out this huge wad of an eyesore and I can't find anything.

How do you organize your coupons?  I'd love to hear from you...


Mrs. M said:

I sort my coupons by type, then before I shop I will organize them by which store I plan to use them at. I make a list of everything I plan to get at said store and I'm all set! Envelope of coupons and a list make it easier for me! I'm still perfecting my method though.

Unknown said:

I have make myself a binder with baseball card holders. I sort and staple all of my like coupons and place them inside a pocket where when I am shopping it is easy for me to find and get at check out.

Annalee said:

I sort mine in a binder with tabs that are organized by grocery isle (some have sub categories as well) That way it is easy to find them when I am at the store. Once I pull them out of the baseball card holders, I put the ones I am going to use in a little accordion file folder (I found at Target for $1) so when I am up at the cashier, they are all in a nice pile.

Norma said:

I organize my coupons just like that. LOL The people at the store (we are not in a large city) act like my husband and I are the people that use coupons. They appear to be in a state of shock when I set my wallet down.

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