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How Does your Garden Grow...?

We've been busy this spring with my son's Kindergarten and family things that its suddenly summer.  I haven't had a chance to discuss our organic gardening yet... this is our second year of a raised bed garden.  Last year we had a fabulous crop and we're hoping to get the same or better results this year.
Photo taken 3/26/11                                                       Photo taken 7/6/11
We have a 10X20 double raised bed garden that we filled with part manure and part mushroom soil.  We grew all our plants from seeds in the spring inside and then transferred them two weeks after Mother's day.  We buried soaker hoses in and around each plant and have a timer set to water them twice a day for just 4 minutes. 
I have the following growing right now, Lettuce, carrots, red pepper, eggplant, beets, roma tomato, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and tomatoes (English and pickling).  Oh the largest plants in the back are mammoth Sunflower seeds.  These are great for the cucumber plants that like to trail up them.  I tried to harvest sunflower seeds last year but it didn't turn out well, I'll try again this year.
I also have a few plant pots that I have my herbs growing in and a lettuce bowl.  The lettuce bowl is not working so well this year as I'm finding it hard to regulate the watering between the heat and heavy downpours.

I'll keep you updated shortly with my harvests.
The only outlay required this year was the mushroom soil/manure - so for that cost I am able to harvest fresh vegetables and herb from my garden.  how is your garden doing?


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