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Loopeez review and giveaway

My daughter is 4 going on 6.  She is a sponge and picks up everything her 6 year old brother does - good or bad : )  My son picked up tying his shoes very quickly last year, this was fueled by the desire to not be the kid who wears velcro at Kindergarten.  Lately, my son has been trying to teach my daughter how to tie her shoes and of course it wasn't working so well with the little one who has an impatient streak. 
We were happy to give Loopeez (a shoe tying aid) a try.  We found that the Loopeez aids attach to laces easily and free up hands for easy tie and re-tie. They come in a variety of designs for the little boys and girls out there.  Loopeez teaches shoe tying in five easy to follow steps:

1. Start by crossing the laces over and pull tightly

2. Place Loopeez ShoeTying Aid on top of the twist
3. Push one shoelace through the hole to form a “loop” or “bunny ear” (careful not to pull all the way through)


 4. Repeat with the other lace * for traditional method pull the second lace straight through the hole (no loop)
5. Cross “Bunny Ears” over to complete the bow

Also check out how via a Youtube video below

 I loved how the loopeez takes away the frustration with making the bunny ears.  With just a simple thread through the loopeez the bunny ears are premade and my daughter simply has to tie the bunny ears together.  Once she gets the hang of tying I can ease her into making the bunny ears herself.  Then we'll be a velcro free household ; )


Purchase your loopeez for only $5.95 plus shipping at the secure online store here.  You can also purchase the bi-color laces ($4 plus shipping) that make learning to tie shoes even easier.

If you have swagbucks you can purchase the girls Loopeez here

To enter fill out the form below

You MUST complete the first mandatory entry and leave a comment below. If you do not complete the first entry then all other optional entries will be deleted. Contest ends 7/17 at 10pm EST


Unknown said:

My nephew would definitely love these!

frugalmommieof2 said:

I have a 4 and 6 year old and they both could use them!

DealiriousMama said:

My son (4 yrs old) would definitely use this! very cute!
childrenteachingmama at gmail dot com

Charity and John said:

My daughter would be ab,e to use these soon.
Primabee at hotmail dot com

Teresa Young said:

My granddaughter needs Loopeez!

Amber or Asiyah said:

My 7yr old def needs loopeez i have tried to teach him and its been a fail.

DivaVinDetta said:

My son who is 9, yes 9. Has had no desire to learn how to tie his shoes. I thinkk this would be a great tool to help him learn.

Unknown said:

BOTH my kids could use loopeez

ShiningStars said:

My daughter could use these NOW! :-)

Anonymous said:

My 3 great niece would love these. She likes to be independent and she could also tie her 1 year old sister's shoes!

Jennifer said:

This would be so nice to have for my 5 year old!

Roseanne Alonso said:

My daughter could use these.

Anonymous said:

My grandson could sure use these !

Brenda King Sumner said:

my grandson could use these !

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