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Mi-del Cookies Review & Giveaway

Cookies are one of my weaknesses but a moment on the lip leads to a lifetime on the hips for me. With Mi-Del All Natural & Organic Cookies, nutritious and delicious can be in the same sentence when describing them.

Mi-Del provided me with coupons to purchase these at my local Whole Foods store. While we are not a gluten free family its great to know that Mi-Del offers gluten free products because a few of our friends require a gluten free diet.  We had a family tasting session and everyone thought they tasted good and would buy them again.  In fact, the chocolate chip cookies were eaten in one sitting.

Mi-Del offers organic, classic naturals, bite size and single serve products in addition to gluten-free.  Using this store locator I was able to find all the grocery stores near me that carried each product.  I was surprised to find so many, I guess now that I do know I'll find them as I know what I'm looking for.

Find some yummy Mi-Del recipes here - the gluten free pumpkin pie sounds delicious

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jackiegilbertnc said:

the lemon snaps sound super yummy! I would try those if I won. Ty for the chance :)

Unknown said:

We are a gluten free household, so we LOVE the gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Charity and John said:

Snickerdoodles. My favorite!

Hi Tay said:

I would definitely choose the Snickerdoodles

Lauren said:

I would buy the ginger snap cookies!

Mama Chocolate said:

I'd get the organic ginger snaps!

Jessica said:

I'd buy the ginger snaps or lemon snaps...can't decide!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Shell Holland said:

I would get Gluten-Free S’mores

Ryan said:

I would like to try the chocolate chip cookies.

Mommy34567 said:

They sound very good. I would like any of it.

Erin from Long Island said:

the All Natural Maple Munchies sound really interesting! yummmmm

Nicole-Lynn said:

The Lemon Snap cookies sound like a great summertime snack!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown said:

i would get the chocolate chip cookies
shortstack77 at rocketmail dot com

Gina said:

I would try the ginger snaps!

eclairre said:

LOVE the gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Heather S. said:

I'd love to try the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies.
hschonrock at yahoo dot com

Jenbmomto3 said:

MMMMMMMMmmmm The chocolate chip cookies would be our pick! :)

alonso204 said:

Choc. chip cookies!

Katherine Ruth Garland said:

I would love to try the Oatmeal chocolate chip bite size cookies! They look and sound yummy! my six children would go crazy over them!

Stephanie Gouldman said:

I would love to try any of the bite size snacks. I like to carry bite size snacks in my purse.

Unknown said:

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