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Shoulder Buddies Review & Giveaway

Do you all remember the Troll doll craze?  Well check out these shoulder Buddies for your kiddos!

Shoulder Buddies ( are adorable collectible figures that kids can wear and take with them everywhere they go.  Each figure has an embedded magnet that connects with a Magic Coin in order to stay securely on a shirt, hat, backpack, etc. They come in a variety of themes and colors – with over 30 new characters per year – so there’s a Shoulder Buddy (or two, or more) to appeal to everyone. They are especially great for summer traveling and camp!   The best part is each figures is developed to have a positive life message.

My kids laughed when they first saw these and laughed even more when I put them on their shoulder.  Simply place the buddy on the shoulder and underneath add the magnetic coin to secure in place.  They had a great time placing them on their knee and then playing with their hair.  Its a cute toy especially for the car when they need a little something to play with during the ride to the store.  You should hear the chatter between my two regarding their shoulder buddies.

Shoulder Buddies are available at these stores for $5.99
Purchase exclusive items in the Online Store
If you have swagbucks you can purchase Shoulder Buddies here
This product is recommended for ages 4 and up.
You MUST complete the first entry.  You may choose to do additional entries if you would like.  A daily tweet can be done once a day.

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Vidisha said:

I love Pal

derbydiva said:

I think TECHIE is super cute! And my son would love him.

Arisu said:

Breezee is so cute!

- Arisu

Kristie Betts said:

They are so cute- it's hard to pick. I was just huge fan of the trolls I even changed their clothes (That's how bad it was).

If I had to choose one I would choose Peace

Thanks for the chance

darlene bohannon( mller) said:


Charity and John said:

I like cents.

Sherry said:


sstrode at scrtc dot com

Jennifer said:

Crush's is too cute! So is Princess!

shadow_kohler said:

i like all of the shoulder buddies. the one that i would pick would be Jett's Travel Smarts

Raven In A Blue Room said:

my favorite is Anjelica

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

Toni said:

I like the Pal
shortstack77 at rocketmail dot com

Karen said:

I like Goal!

kpuleski at gmail dot com

Heather said:

I like Princess.
hschonrock at yahoo dot com

Jenbmomto3 said:

Angelica is super cute! But love Pals hair! :)

Pinchbuggies said:

I love them all but I do love Angelica most! I have a few white small stuffed animals & such & this would go so well with the rest of them!
pinchbuggies at

Mary Schemelia said:

I would pick the Green one Eco as my son loves anything green! : )

H M Horn said:

"Pep" would be perfect for my little middle school cheerleader. Very cute!!!

shana said:

the Chef's cooking buddy!!

nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

Bianca R said:

Cents' Money Smart is so adorable (

Jeni Mitchell said:

My nieces would just adore these. They are 5 and 2 and I just love them to pieces...these would definitely make the ride to Auntie Jeni's house go by quicker. <3

Jeni Mitchell said:

Since I have 2 nieces I'd have to give props to Princess' (the 5 y/o) and Giggles' (the 2 y/o)...these are just too cute!

Evelynn's Mom said:

I like Angelica!

Anonymous said:

I just adore Peace's Peaceful Smarts!

Erin said:

I love Peace and Pirate. Too Cute!

e.ringwald at

Kortney Picker said:

I like Bubbles!

Kortney Picker said:

shahed oseyd said:

i think that jett and cleary are super cute
i love them so ,much

jood oseyd said:

i love whinny and pep so much they are my bffs

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