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August's Top 10 Freebies - Beat the Heat

Every month I list my favorite Top 10 freebies.

We've already seen a heat sizzling July and August doesn't appear to waiver so my Top 10 freebies will focus on "Beat the Heat Freebies..."

1. Free Food at Ikea

From August 1st through August 21st, kids under 12 can eat for FREE at participating IKEA stores!  Head on over here for more details.  After roam around the cool air conditioned IKEA.

2. Get a head start on Christmas gifts
Beat the heat and stay indoors, use your time to get a head start on Christmas gifts (such as photo books, calendars) with this free $40 credit to Paper Coterie (valid through August 31st) - just pay shipping.

3. Go to the Library
Staying indoors is a must with small kids when the temp goes above 90, head out to the air conditioned library for:
i) A million and one books for the kids to be entertained with
ii) check out some Free DVD's or games
iii) Libraries offer free summer activity schedule at the library
 Since you'll be reading at the library click here for seven summer reading programs that have cool free incentives
4. Free Movies

Movie theaters are another indoor source of air conditioning.  Click here for seven ways to get free movies this summer.  Grab your free popcorn here too.
5. Free Bowling

Kidsbowlfree - 2 free bowling all summer long

 6. Create a "summer buddy program."
Call around your Mommy network for play dates, everyone head to one house to save on air conditioning bills and let the kids have fun and Mommies too.

7. Plant a Tree
Smurf The Earth Help McDonalds Plant Trees
Do your part in reducing global warming by helping McDonald's plant a tree for FREE

8. Head to a Cooler State
Grab free travel guides and maps here

9. Get a free kids haircut
The kids won't be so sweaty if they get a nice short haircut - Remington College will offer  free hair cuts for children.

10. If you can't beat them join them
Not free but certainly less expensive than a water park - fill a bucket full of water balloons and let the kids have at it.  Note: always watch the kids when playing with water especially the little ones and make sure to pick up the balloon pieces so not to choke small animals.


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