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CamelBack Beach Water Park Review

It has been one hot July and now we've started August in a heatwave too.  There's several ways to stay cool such as hunker down in your basement or maybe head to a water park.  I take the latter especially with two little ones at home.  We headed over an hour north to CamelBeach Mountain Water Park a few weeks ago to check out the park with some friends.

Since this is a water park the only pictures I took were at the beginning with the little ones, all other pictures are courtesy of CamelBack Beach taken from their facebook and website.

I was pleasantly surprised that the 4 and 6 year olds in our group were tall enough for many of the rides.  They did require an accompanying adult but that was fine by me as I was ready for this fun filled day.  All the kids in our party are very comfortable with water which helps.  They are not proficient swimmers but many of the rides put you into shallow water that they can stand in so that was comforting to them and us as parents.

CamelBack Beach officially opened two new rides the day we visited.  It was a fun opening as there were 4 executives who came down Dune Runner dressed in their business attire.

SandStorm has a pair of tantrum funnels with twice the thrills and twice the panic inducing fun
Dune Runner has triple dune drops that build your speed before plunging you into the water below.

All the kids in our party enjoyed both these rides, so much that we went down them at least 4 times each.  Our favorites for a good workout are the tube slides and Titan Family Raft Ride.  The Tube Slide required you to carry your tube up a hill and the Titan Family raft required you to walk up a steep hill.  We all got a good leg workout from these activities especially the Titan Family Raft Ride for we went up this one at least 5 times back to back as it was so much fun.

A family favorite was the Blue Nile Adventure River (Lazy river ride) and Pharoahs Phortress.  These were relaxing and a nice break from the running around.

We got to the park as soon as it opened (10am) and left at closing (7pm) and felt we attacked a lot of the park rides in that one day.  We loved it so much we are headed back in mid August.  I found a hotel deal through Eversave which means we are headed to Pocono and Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark for nice long weekend at a steal.

If you are thinking of going with the family take advantage of the Four4Fun deal where 4 tickets are only $99.99 or maybe a season pass for $99 each.  Go check it out for yourself!

Disclosure: Thank you to CamelBeach Mountain Water Park for the review opportunity.  All opinions are of my own, others may vary.