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Superstack deals with discounted giftcards

For me, superstacking is the name of the game when it comes to saving money!  For example, this works when you pair a sale with a coupon and for online shopping stack it further with a cashback site such as ebates.  Now you can increase your savings by pairing it up with reduced priced giftcards for your instore and online shopping sprees.

The following giftcard sites such as, Cardpool and Plastic Jungle offers the ability to buy giftcards with up to 30% discount or if you happen to have unwanted gift cards you can sell them at up to 90% retail value.

Right now I have 1 gift card in my wallet and 2 in my desk drawer in which these two have been sitting there for over a year (luckily these particular ones do not expire).  Rather than pay fees on ebay I'm going to trade them in for Amazon gift cards.  Christmas will be here in no time so I'm going to start collecting Amazon Gift cards to lessen that Christmas shopping spree.

Happy Superstacking!
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