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Walmart offering Double Coupons!

Holy Moly, I'm not  fan of Walmart at all but this current couponing experience may push me over there
Not only do they offer overage on coupons but now they are offering double coupon in certain markets!
Double Coupons potentially could mean a TONNE of freebies!
 If you live in these regions please let me know which stores are doubling.
The markets are: Provo UT, Boise ID, Charleston WV, Charleston SC and Tucson AZ.

Thanks Rockin Deals 4you
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Bellesouth said:

This needs to be promoted as much as possible, so people will take advantage and the store will spread it across the country.

I live where the Walmart HEADQUARTERS are located and we don't have this yet!!!!

Do you know if they are doubling online coupons?

Anonymous said:

I live in Florida where NO ONE doubles.. if Wal Mart would double here, their business would triple! I wouldn't shop anywhere else!

realcouponwifeofnj said:

I'll have to check my Walmart. Target is closer so I usually don't go to Walmart, but that would change if they doubled coupons.

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