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#Win a $100 GIFT Certificate to The PAWS #Giveaway

I don't have pets but I do love my readers so just because.... I'm offering a $100 Gift Credit to The Paws to buy whatever you want for your dog or cat.  They have some fabulous finds for your pets, if I had a pet I'd be here : )

BED TIME Supersoft Box Dog Bed - LargeTriple Cat Scratcher

Grab a free cat or dog toy here

Simply enter through the rafflecopter form for a chance to win the $100 Gift Certificate to The Paws

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by The Freebie Junkie - good luck

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Nichelle Riann said:

My cats would love the 2 Story Kitty Hotel.

Kellye and Jamie said:

I love the couch dog bed. kellyeandjosh at aol dot com

Mommy34567 said:

I would love the Litter Box Enclosure. We do do not have a good place to put a litter box in our house and a place that the dogs and the baby can not get to. My cat's litter box is in the bathroom. I love to have it back. Thanks for doing this.

Mommy34567 said:

or a dog cage that my Maxie can not brake. yes he broke the door off.

Mommy34567 said:

I signed up for the free dog or cat toy.

Sand said:

I'd buy the BED TIME Box Dog Bed - Large.

Clair Shumack said:

I would have 2 very spoiled kitties!! I would get them the Perch Condos and lots of the toys!! Balls, wands, fake mice....lots of goodies!

Nofearpapertiger said:

I would get the snuggle cup bed in blue for both of my boys (2), Cozies Naturals Grab Bag (3), Kong Ball with Rope, cat floor tunnel, etc.

Angela Rhodes Krause

Nofearpapertiger said:

Signed up for the free toy.

Angela Rhodes Krause

Anonymous said:

SNUGGLE CUP Bed - Pink is one thing I would get for my dog. She loves the round beds and this one is Pink which just makes it better.
chea4kids at yahoo dot com

barb hunt said:

Thanks for the great contest!

Tylerpants said:

I'd like to get the BED TIME Supersoft Ultra Plaid Sherpa Dog Bed - Extra Large for my two dogs to share! tylerpants(at)

trixx said:

I'd get the Z Cat Scratcher Cat Perch for my two cats!

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