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$75 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway from

Shopping online is so much fun and much better for the wallet these days.  With the ability to stack an online deal with a coupon code and a cashback site like ebates the cost of shipping a product can cost significantly less even when shipped than taking the time to drive to the brick and mortar store.  Now there is one more online stacking opportunity to bring your price down even further. 
Purchase discounted giftcards at to make your dollar go that much further
You can save up to 58% on other people's unwanted gift cards. 

Here's how it works:
Buying discounted Gift Cards
John receives a $100 gift card for his birthday, but only spends $10. John decides to sell the unwanted card for cash. He may only receive $75 for the gift card that now has $90 left on it, but that beats letting it sit unused in his wallet all year. Having paid John $75 for the card, one of the verified and trusted resellers you'll find on may sell that $90 gift card to you for $80.

John received cash for his card; the reseller makes $5; and YOU save $10 on your next purchase! All of the gift cards found on this site ship for free (or are sent by email) and there are no hidden fees or taxes.

Selling Unwanted Giftcards
It happens all the time: Aunt Sylvia gives you a gift card for a store you'll never shop. Luckily, you can sell gift cards to several companies for a percentage of the remaining value. It has never been easier to exchange a gift card for cash. These companies pay for your unwanted cards and then sell each to someone who can actually use it. There are no hidden fees, such as shipping or processing, from any of the gift card buyers below. Payment takes about 3-7 business days.
Sell a giftcard here
Buy a discounted giftcard here

What I like...
I like to splurge on me sometimes so its great to see that I can get a huge discount for a Victoria Secrets giftcard through  There is an option to buy a giftcard via ebay with up to 54.4% discount.  If you are not into auctions then a 12.2% discount through cardpool is not too shabby.  Note: these % change regularly depending on demand so I highly recommend signing up for alerts here which features an intuitive tool to instantly track new cards the minute they go on sale, giving you the best opportunity for discounts.

Simply enter through the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win a $75 Giftcard to Home Depot

Disclosure: This giveaway post was written for Giftcardgranny for my honest review, others opinions may vary.

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~dab said:

I want to buy a pantry cabinet for my kitchen, I'd use it towards that :)

Anonymous said:

would love to win this we are trying to make a walk way to the house this would be a blessing!

Melissa Weiss

Anonymous said:

I would buy supplies to help redo my kids rooms.

humanecats said:

I'd get paint!!

humanecats at gmail dot com

Alisha K said:

I would spend it on something for my husbands birthday

Joanie said:

I would spend the $100 gc on Paints and molding and drywall..We are redoing my daughters room and have hit a patch in the road..Had some unseen medical issues comeup so we had to stop working on it till we can save up again..This would be a blessing in disguise...=-)

Lisa Brooks said:

It would be added to my "get a new water heater" fund. =)

Anonymous said:

I would buy my wonderful hubby something for Christmas probably put it towards a table saw he has been wanting! :)

Unknown said:

I would use the Gift card on MUCH needed appliances! This would be a big help!

Jessica said:

I'd spend it on chalkboard paint! I have an idea for redesigning my kitchen!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Mare/TommyGirl said:

I would use it to get paint. We need to redo the tv room and the bathroom and...yay for paint.

Anonymous said:

I would get a grill cover and some grilling tools. :)

won said:

I would use this to buy my teenage son a toolbox and some tools. It will be the beginning of his own tool collection to take into his grown up life.

He'd love that under the tree this December.

Thank you.

Allison said:

I would put it towards a new light fixture in our foyer.
Allibird1 at aol dot com

puffpastryshop said:

I'd spend it on plants for my yard.

Marissa, Brianna, Benny, & Tara said:

My husband would spend it, and he would spend it quickly.

Unknown said:

wood, i would spend it on wood to build more raised garden beds! =)

hancoci_s at msn dot com

Charity and John said:

I would by an accessory for my daughters outdoor play set and some flowers for my yard.

Kristie Betts said:

I would buy new back door :) Thanks for the chance

Sarah VM said:

I would spend my Home Depot gift card on floor tiles for our kitchen!

sierra0278 at aol dot com

amber said:

i would spend my Home Depot card on some Christmas decorations in a few months

cjabdelnour said:

We just got new kitchen cabinets. I would use the money to buy handles. Cheryl

Shell Holland said:

We need some new rugs

Texas Type A Mom said:

I need some new totes for organizing.

Emillie Rose said:

I would buy my hubby a storage container for his tools that he has been wanting.
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

DeeAnn S said:

I'd use the HD GC to put the finishing touches on our upgraded bathroom. Thanks.
sweepster49 at comcast dot net

Maria said:

I would spend the card on paint!

SavannahsSmiles said:

We would buy cleaning supplies and lightbulbs.

Anonymous said:

I'd put the HD gift card to good use with a bookshelf or some new blinds for my home.

jerseygirl1351at aoldotcom

Kasparbauer Family said:

Cute paint for my kids' rooms!

tiffany taylor said:

I would buy paint for my kitchen redo!

Emillie Rose said:
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

Joshlin said:

I would put it towards an electric heater that looks like a wood burning one. You know what I'm talking about. I just don't know what they are called. I wanted one last year and they sold out by the time I had the money to get one:(
savingmomssanity at gmail dot com

haydensmommy05 said:

A new drill!

Aaron said:

Be great to win this!

Heather S. said:

I would use the card to buy painting supplies for our house.
hschonrock at yahoo dot com

The Rebel Chick said:

I would spend the HD gc on new light fixtures!

Erin said:

A new ceiling fan!

Anonymous said:

I'd spend mine on paint,

MaryBeth said:

I just moved into a new apartment...I'd use it for a lamp for my room and shelving.

Anonymous said:

I would buy paint.

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said:

My husband could use a new weed wacker. Ours recently broke. Thanks so much.

Mysharona said:

i'd get a power washer.

sweepmom said:

I would get some paint and paint supplies.

abfantom said:

We are refinishing our daughter's basement playroom. I would use the GC to buy paint and blinds.

abfantom at yahoo dot com

clc408 said:

I would get some paint and painting supplies.

hale2005 said:

I would spend the home depot card on paint.


js22 said:

I'd buy some tools to help fix up the house!
Thanks for the giveaway!
email in blogger profile.

Unknown said:

i would buy a new toilet because the toilet in our basement bathroom is broken.
i know, i lead a glamorous life.
stigay at

Unknown said:

Lumber, so my husband can building storage in our garage like he's been talking about doing.


Anonymous said:

The Pantry Cabinet looks so "organizable"!

Mosaic317 said:

Our bathroom is literally falling apart and my husband just got laid off. This would surely help in making the necessary repairs!

Mosaic317 at gmail dot com

Tes283 said:

I would use it against a dishwasher purchase. Ours went out over 2 months ago and we have been saving up to get a new one. This would give us a big push. Thank you.

kyl neusch said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
kyl neusch said:

buy some tiles

Patrice said:

I would use the card for a ceiling fan.

rewcath said:

I would spend my gift card toward carpet for the bedroom nupa123atgmaildotcom

smilekisses said:

I'd buy a Christmas tree.

Allen S. said:

We need a new kitchen faucet
ajsis at windstream dot net

mogrill said:

I would put it toward our flooring.Thanks for the chance.

Elena said:

I would buy some paint

Sweeter the berry said:

I would get paint

wildcat32 said:

I would use it toward new lighting for my bedroom.

monster6236 at gmail dot com

Brittney said:

paint for my living room
brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

Mosaic317 said:

Our bathroom is falling apart! We need new sheet rock! This would really help!

Francine Anchondo said:


Shannon Thompson said:

i would buy a celing light for my foyer.


Anonymous said:

I would spend this gift card on items we need to finish our hard wood flooring(trim)


Erin S said:

My brother is a contractor and I would love to donate mine to him for XMAS!

Tabathia B said:

I would get some flooring for the bathroom and replace the toilet

mar said:

I would spend my home depot gift card on tile squares for the kitchen.

Barbarawr said:

I'd get the gourmet bird seed. I'd love to see if it attracts different varieties of birds than what we get now.

Email address is in blogger profile

Patricia's Particularity said:

I would buy a new faucet for the sink

Kristin Aquariann said:

We want to put up a fence, so $75 would come in handy toward that huge purchase!

underwater at aquariann dot com

Kristin Aquariann said:

I added yer link to me Giveaway Chest Linky!

Unknown said:

I would spent it on storage containers

Courtney B said:

i would spend it on paint for babys room!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

Unknown said:

We really need new garbage cans; ours are cracked and have lost their lids

shel704 at aol dot com

Anonymous said:

I need hardware for a dresser I painted.


coliebear said:

I would get some new paint for our kitchen.

Rachelle J said:

A new fan please!

Racheldmorris at gmail dot com

Kimberly said:

We really need a screen door

Darcie K. said:

Paint for my bathroom and new tiles for the kitchen

Deborah said:

I'd put the gift card towards a water heater. asthenight at gmail dot com

Nicole Larsen said:

I would use it towards a freezer!

The Fam said:

Repaint bedrooms!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said:

Stockpile shelving

Unknown said:

We need so much I wouldn't know where to begin! lol this would be wonderful... I'd start by painting my boys' room! thanks!!

Unknown said:

I shared this on my blog @

Gennelle T said:

Planning on moving very soon so it would go towards whatever i need for the new place either to fix it up or spice it up

lovesshift4 at yahoo dot com

mrssquigg said:

Tile for the hall bathroom we are still (I say we but it's more like Hubby!) working on......

mrssquigg @

debijackson said:

tools for hubby like a saw

Shari Lynn Alligood said:

I'd spend my giftcard on some paint for my home if I won :-)

darlene bohannon( mller) said:

i would use it to fix my car's transmission. it's 100 miles away where it broke down. really could use some help.

darlene bohannon( mller) said:

hope to win

yuukiimi said:

I'd buy paint for the nursery!

Leslie W said:

I'd buy paint for my sis and her family. They are completely redoing there house and are on a tight budget.

mosquints@yahoo dot com

sksweeps said:

I always have a wish list about a mile long for Home Depot! Right now I'd probably get fall veggies and plants for the garden!

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

~Kristen Fritsche~ said:

Sprucing up the bedroom! With 2 kids & a foster placement, I really need a comfortable, peaceful place to lay my head at night. :)

Unknown said:

I would love to buy a chandelier for my daughters room.

The Minister's Wife said:

I would spend it on some new things for our bathroom!

Anonymous said:

I'd spend it on fencing supplies for our backyard!

NrdyGmrGrl said:

Paint for our bathroom, it desperately needs it!

Unknown said:

i would buy my hubby some tools. Hes a construction worker and he always has to borrow tools. He loves home depot. i would buy my hubby some tools. Hes a construction worker and he always has to borrow tools. He loves home depot.

Cinderella10383 said:

I would spend this on new lighting fixtures for our apartment we are moving into, they have places but no fans and we need them, or some paint even as we can paint too
Jamie Brigham
cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

Anonymous said:

I would buy at least one new kitchen counter :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Anonymous said:
angela calavicci said: I would spend it on whatever my grandma wants me to (she owns the property I live in!)

Allison Greene said:

I would spend it on regular supplies I need around the house, like trash bags and cleaning supplies.

kitraz13 at hotmail dot com

holly_young_2225 said:

I would spend it on my unfinished house

Shooting Stars Mag said:

i would let my dad use it for his own little projects around the house.

lauren51990 at aol dot com

Sara Wood said:

I would buy paint to paint my daughter's nursery.

Anonymous said:

I'd use it to get new fencing!

Laurasu82 at

Tiffany Drew said:

I'd use it to help fix my mom's roof that is in serious need of repair.


Unknown said:

I would love to have an area rug for the livingroom.
Connie G
CGruning at aol(dot)com

Holly S. said:

I would put it toward carpet in the kids' rooms; we live in an old, drafty house, and although I love the wood floors, they are incredibly cold in winter!

SaraLee said:

I would buy wood to frame in a door to the basement.

amcintosh74 said:

Redoing my home that was gutted!! So, anything from flooring to accessories for it!!

eclairre said:

supplies to renovate my bathroom

Cathy W said:

I'd put it towards a new microwave as mine just quit. can't figure out why, it was only 10 years old!!

richied.becky said:

I would get some paint to repaint my livingroom ;)

martha yusko said:

i would buy a vacuum i really need one the one i have is so old

martha yusko said:

i blog about your giveaway on my facebook page

Unknown said:

I'd put it towards a snowblower! lol...

Tamara said:

If I won, I would be buying house paint from Home Depot. We're still deciding on the color we want, but we'll be ready to buy paint pretty soon!

Anonymous said:

need to paint our bedroom

fancygrlnancy said:

I would spend it on tools for my husband and my step father.

Anonymous said:

I would give it to my husband to get what he needs to fix a few things around the house like the screen door and touch up paint.

Christina Langelier said:

I would love to use his to fix a few things up in my apartment to make it more homey!

Anonymous said:

I'd give to my daughter and son-in-law who bought an old victorian house and are redoing it room by room - starting with a nursery for their first child!! :)

Thank you!

D Alison

Blogging Books said:

I would fix my yard. We didn't get any rain this year so everything's dead :( I would love a Home Depot GC!!

Libby's Library said:

I want to buy a tree for my backyard!
Thanks so much for the giveaway:-)


Mandy said:

I'm about to get married in March, so I'm sure there are a number of things a Home Depot gift card would allow my fiancé and i to do (painting, gardening tools, new light fixtures to name a few).


clynsg said:

I would put it toward some new floor covering for my laundry room.

cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

sindy murray said:

I would use it for paint and tools!
smlionlamb at gmail dot com

Tamra said:

I would spend it on supplies for our garden next year!

littleolliesmom said:


Unknown said:

baby proofing supplies :)

jakellcth@msn. com

Adrienne said:

I'd use it on LED lights.

ckfrrt said:

I am redoing my bathroom,so I would use this towards new tile
carolkfoster at comcast dot net

Jennifer Rote said:

I need a new kitchen faucet.

wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

Laura said:

I would pick up some outdoor lighting for our wedding!

Jen said:

I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my hubby. New tools are always good.

jenniekcoupons at gmail dot com

Amanda B. said:

I have a painting project I'd like to do!

Michelle Willis said:

We're working on a remold of our home right now.
shelly_rue_16 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bonnie P said:

I would put the GC toward's a new winter jacket

mendyd said:

I would spend the giftcard on new trash cans and garbage bags.

Thanks for the chance to win!
mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said:

I would spend my $75 HomeDepot GC on tile for the bathroom

Trudy said:

I would spend it on drawers for my closeet

VickieB said:

we've been working on the front yard, so I'd get yard stuff

Paol Trenny said:

I like to buy a Hunter ceiling fan- (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

Unknown said:

My husband would buy some sort of tool with the gift card
(Velvet Hubler)
velvethubler at yahoo dot com

Kim said:

Probably garden items or maybe a Christmas gift.

Jessica said:

We would probably get either a pressure washer or a new hedge trimmer
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

Kelly Tillotson said:

i really need to get some sort of racks/organizational system for my garage--its a mess!

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said:

I have been eying a certain rug at home depot and this would help get that for my living room
vmkids3 at man dot com

Diana R. said:

Paint to redo my room - it needs a fresh new color for fall! :)

Tina C. said:

Thank you for the chance!

Tina C. said:

Oh, Sorry- Flower pots, Someone stole my flower pots from my yard last week.

Carrie Phelps said:

I would gift the card to my daughter whom is now decorating her baby nursery for my granddaughter due in a few weeks.

Angela Dawn said:

Oh my gosh I don't even know. I know I need a lot more than $75 but every little bit helps! I would give this to my husband for our upcomming anniversary of 11 years! And he would use it to shorten his honey-do list by a little we would maybe....

1. BUY SHELVING - WE NEVER have enough shelving for storage and organization.
2. Use it to clean up the yard and make it look better. It's hard to get it looking nice...we live in the desert so the yard always needs money.
3. FIX the SWAMP COOLER! Needs a new motor and isn't working. It's so nice to have, we need something in the 100+ degree weather and it's just too expensive to run the AC!
4. Fix up the bathrooms...right now there is no faucet in the tub of our main bathroom so actually this might be a priority!

As you can see there is much to pick from and WE NEED THIS! Thanks for the chance! And for the tip of the website! I think I will definitely look into that!

Angela MacIntyre

Unknown said:

I'd totally use it on paint for my kids rooms!

Laura Weaver said:

I would buy my mom a new ligh to hang over her dining room able...hers doesnt work and has been there since the 60's

Anonymous said:

Where to begin! I need a new toilet in my master bath, linoleum in my guest bath and utility room. the list goes on and on, but $75 only goes so far. lol

Janna P said:

Thanks for the giveaway. It would help us set up our new home.

astroqueen67 said:

I would use it to buy paint and supplies to fix up the old house we just moved into. Holly Hennessy Swint

LeighSabey said:

My home depot list is very long! I would spend it on supplies for the raised vegetable garden beds we're building in the next few weeks.

Angie said:

I would buy some storage shelves and storage tubs to get my disaster of a basement cleaned up.

tiffany.hoyt said:

I would use the gift card to buy a generator at Home Depot. The power has gone out all day twice in the last few weeks.

Tylerpants said:

I'd buy some paint and brushes to repaint my front door. tylerpants(at)

wendy said:

closet organizers!

trixx said:

I just bought a new place so I'd buy some shelves for my walls!

Heather said:

I would spend it on lumber to make a new tv stand.

Tara said:

I would buy a shoe organizer and paint!

Michigan_Mom said:

Fence for my dogs :)
Kelly Burroughs Crowell

Laura W said:

I would use the Home Depot gift card to buy some paint and other accessories to "babyize" our home in preparation for our first born!

gary said:

I would use it on some house hold gadget

Paula said:

I would use this giftcard to buy supplies my husband needs to make me a desk :)

Anonymous said:

Put it towards a grill for my hubby!

Kelli said:

I would buy stockpile shelves.

Ali J said:


Trudy said:

Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway. I love your site.

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