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Aveeno Nourish & Living Color Shampoo Giveaway

Well, we’re almost there – the end of summer

As an Aveeno/Recyclebank Ambassador I am able to gather some styling and hair tips from our friend, Celebrity Hairstylist, Patrick Melville to get you through the next few months!  Patrick gave us his tips on how to transition hair from summer to fall. By following these tips, you’re sure to be a stand-out beauty this coming season.

Patrick says:
“When going to the beach those final days of summer, apply any of the AVEENO® NOURISH+ conditioner throughout hair to protect hair from the UV rays. In addition, always bring a hat or scarf to cover hair from the sun.  Coming out of the pool or ocean, make sure to rinse hair well with fresh water and apply some NOURISH+ conditioner and comb evenly through the hair.  This will remove the chlorine or salt from the hair and put moisture back in.”

“After the hot summer, you want to cut off those beach/pool frizzy ends. Shampoo and Condition hair with AVEENO® NOURISH+ line to restore hair vitality and elasticity.  If you color your hair, it is time to go a little warmer with your color. Try using AVEENO® LIVING COLOR™ to help restore shine back into the hair that was lifted out from the UV rays during those summer months.”

“Now that we’ve finally beat the humidity, hair will be a little smoother with less texture and you will be adding more shine to your blowdry. Coming out of summer, I always feel hair length should be brought up the neckline a bit. This also helps rejuvenate the hair after those summer months.”

Now that’s some advice to follow!
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Aveeno NOURISH+ Shampoo and Conditioner line that Patrick is LOVING for the fall season.  Two Freebie Junkie Readers will win an Aveeno  shampoo and conditioner from the NOURISH+ Revitalize or NOURISH+ Volumize lines

Disclosure:  As an ambassador for Aveeno/Recycle Bank please note all opinions are of my own, others opinions may vary.

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Anonymous said:

Leave it alone! lol. No coloring,straightening,blow drying,etc.;)

Michelle White said:

Stay away from the harsh stuff and use a good deep conditioner.

Barbara Mayes said:

To smooth out curly/frizzy locks, blow-dry with a large round brush and spin the brush while drying that portion of your hair. Clip other sections out of your way, until you are ready to do them too. Really makes my hair look shiny and healthy too!

Diddlepoyner said:

Cut your hair when it's a full moon

shana said:

I'm kinda challenged when it come to beauty tips. I'm lucky enough to not have to do things to my hair. I only product it when I'm trying to do something special. Otherwise I just scrunch & go.

nightowl said:

I don't use sraightening irons that dry out my hair.
winit6 at hotmail dot com

Jackie said:

If you blow dryer your hair or use a straightener, use a Heat Protection Spray to help protect your hair from damage.

eclairre said:

blow drying leaves hair less frizzy

ericka coello said:

i brush my hair in the shower to massage the scalp and rinse it very well. for me, the hairbrush is better than using my nails.

JC said:

A bit of olive oil goes a long way to smooth hairs.

cjabdelnour said:

I switch shampoo and conditions often. Cheryl

Anonymous said:

I haven't set foot in a salon in 18 months and my hair look better than ever. No color, no styling products, no curling iron or flat iron. Let nature take care of it.

suerossignol at

Anonymous said:

I think if you use a good quality shampoo and condition it helps you hair, Drink lots of water good for hair and skin.
Take a multivitamin every day it helps both skin and hair.
Thanks Cathy Truman

Gina said:

My best hair tip is to accentuate what you have!! If you have curly hair don't try and make it straight just make it the best curly you can, and vice versa!

Erin said:

Do not over color hair! My friend dyes hers all the time, and now it's brittle like straw.

Unknown said:

Don't wash your hair every day - your hair will be less dry and your color won't wash out so quickly
luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

Jessica said:

My best hair tip is to use a straightening iron as little as possible. It ruins your hair! Try blow drying as straight as you can and finishing off with the iron.

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Shell Holland said:

I always use the shampoos that say they repair split ends and it makes my hair stay good longer!

Anonymous said:

Use dry shampoo when you don't have time to wash your hair. It gets rid of the oil and it looks great. My newest find!

Unknown said:

I wish I had one, I have bad hair days almost all the time, I just put it up and back now

BethElderton said:

I have fine, straight hair. A good tip is to lift the hair with a brush and blow dry the roots while lifted. It adds some body.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Heather S. said:

Wash your hair every other day if it dries out easily.
hschonrock at yahoo dot com

Carrie Phelps said:

My best tip is to keep up on trims to cut back on split ends.

Darcie K. said:

When you don't have time to wash your hair, use a little bit of baby powder and brush out.

Laura said:

Use protein treatments (not the hot oil type) to seal the hair cuticle. Your hair won't keep moisture if the cuticle isn't good.

pd6914 at gmail dot com

Pauline Milner said:

Always make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair after shampooing and conditioning. Left over shampoo and conditioner builds up on hair making it greasy and unmanageable.

Thanks for the great giveaway. ~Pauline

MeL said:

Washing your hair daily "washes away" essential oils and nutrients that your hair needs. I prefer every other day, and make sure you massage your scalp when you do to stimulate healthy hair follicles. I absolutely love Aveeno, but I can only wish the prize is cheaper. Hope to win this give away ^-^ God bless!!1

casey lynn everidge said:

keep it as natural as possible!

Allison Downes said:

Dont straighten or use heat on it!!

Sonia said:

Moroccan Hair Oil works wonders!


Jennifer Anderson said:

The Flat Irons make your hair look shiny and leaves your hair feeling really soft and also straightens out any creases in your hair from pulling it up.

Anonymous said:

My best hair tip is to use a really good conditioner and stay away from those that the first ingredient is alcohol! :)

puffpastryshop said:

My dermatologist said wash your hair every other day to avoid drying out your scalp.

Marissa, Brianna, Benny, & Tara said:

Don't wash your hair every day. I don't follow this, however.

Anonymous said:

Keep your ingredients natural. Soaps strip away nature's protective barriers, while plant oils clean and keep you skin's natural pH.

Unknown said:

Comb it in the shower, with the conditioner in it!

msjamesteagall said:

Overwashing your hair is horrible for it. It ruins your cuticles. For this reason, I wash my hair every 2-3 days so that it remains super healthy :)

Kasparbauer Family said:

Change shampoo often!!

tiffany taylor said:

Before getting out of shower, rinse hair with cold water to seal the cuticle to make hair shiney!

astroqueen67 said:

I never blow dry my hair, have quit coloring it and use very little product. The best tip is to invest in a great haircut! Holly Hennessy Swint

Anonymous said:

use soft ponytail holders! Dixie

Roxanne K said:

Only blow dry when necessary (special style, weather) and use a product designed to protect your hair from heat.

Ali J said:

using detangler makes life sooo much easier!

Tracy R said:

A dab of leave in conditioner goes a long way at smoothing out the frizzies, and leaves your hair smelling yummy.

Susan Bates said:

use white vinegar in your hair for itchy scalp OR if hair dye breaks you out!!

Julie M said:

i wash my long hair 1 or 2 times per week, don't use a hot source and it growth very fast !

ETowns said:

Treat it with care as you would your body. Coconut conditioners and oil will bring out the brilliance and softness.

Michelle Sharma said:

My best hair tip is try not to use a blowdryer if you have curly hair.

LiliumHigh said:

I can totally agree with a lot of these tips, one thing that I do...I start off with washing in hot/warm water and after conditioning I rinse with cold water so it keeps that extra moisture in.

Katie said:

Buy the right shamppo and conditioner for your hair type

Anonymous said:

Good conditioner is a must,

Angela W said:

I use a spray on/leave in conditioner when I spend alot of time outside in the sun.

keeley said:

go a day here and there without washing your hair, the natural oils in your hair will moisturize it if you have dry hair.

Jess said:

Wash your hair first when you get in the shower. Apply conditioner and let it sit while you are washing your body, shaving etc. Rinse the conditioner out last. Hair will come out super soft and tangle free.

JessGratz said:

Massage your scalp as you wash your hair. Spend a little more on a good conditioner.

Unknown said:

Once every three months (or monthly, for really dry hair), massage two tablespoons (a big handful) of coconut oil into your scalps, rubbing it into your hair to the tips. Leave overnight (or for at least an hour), then rinse with hot water and wash as normal.

AJ said:

It will grow back if you get a bad cut!
shmilgah at

couponmama34 said:

Deep condition 1x a week

Rachelle J said:

I'm a hairstylist and the tip I have is always you a protective spray when using a flat iron!

Racheldmorris at gmail dot com

Charity and John said:

Do not wash your hair everyday. At least every other day at minimum.
primabee at hotmail dot com

Darcie K. said:

Use baby powder instead of washing when in a rush!

Jocelyn said:

don't brush hair immediately after shower

Anonymous said:

No waxy conditioners

Gennelle T said:

I try my best not to have stlyes that require it to be pulled or tightned or put in a pony tail holder and once i did that my root ends around my edges stopped thinning and breaking off

lovesshift4 at yahoo dot com

Shari Lynn Alligood said:

My best hair tip is to not wash your hair every day.

Tylerpants said:

My best tip is to let it air dry. Saves your hair from a lot of heat damage. tylerpants(at)

Anonymous said:

don't over color your hair---ruins your hair!
tkbetz @ juno . com

Denise Mosera said:

My tip: Wash your hair every other day. Washing it every day dries it out, and if your hair is colored, takes the color away quicker too.

Anonymous said:

I wash my hair every other day. Don't dry completely.

Julie B said:

I just wash hair and let air dry.

Elaine said:

always brush/comb your hair before washing - it makes detangling afterward much easier! ;)

Julie B said:

I entered the first entry too many times because Rafflecopter glitched.

trixx said:

My tip is to rinse your hair with beer for shine. It works!

Anonymous said:

Ok, Ive seen a ton of these types of sweepstakes/contests.....Can someone write to me and tell me how this works? Do I have to do ALL the things on the list, or just one? Also, how are the winners contacted? I have a ton of junk mail that hits my email everyday and its hard to sort out what is what. Will they email or call or just mail out product? thanks!

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