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Got a Question? Bounce It Off Millions

As a Mom there are numerous questions that we face:
Which baby bottle to use?
Which brand of diapers?
When should babies be sleeping through the night?
and we all know that first week was a bombardment of questions and what ifs that can drive any new Mom to craziness
What if you had help with your question?
Bounce takes Facebook interaction to a whole new level with a new initiative called Bounce It Off Millions, their question to you is:

Bounce bars or Sheets?

I tried bounce bars but I have to go with sheets because I'm old school

Bounce is offering a chance to have millions of Facebook users help you decide on a choice of your own.  Go to, click on "Bounce It Off Millions” and submit a choice or decision that you’re making in your life.  Your question will be turned into a poll, and tens of thousands of Bounce fanatics can lend their opinion, so you’ll have thousands helping you make a guided choice.  Bounce will choose 4 of the most interesting polls to be featured in a facebook ad, so your question or choice could go out to the entire facebook world, inviting 150 million+ Facebook users to help you make a choice.  Imagine having that many people decide on your dilemma!

Bounce fans can also enter in sweepstakes for the chance to win two Bounce Dryer Bars—one to keep, and one for a friend of your choice. 5,000 winners will be chosen.

Head here to win it all

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.

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