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Ten Tips To Organize Toys

I have two little ones who are immensely spoilt : ) with many Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents my children's bedroom and play area could be mistaken for a day care center. My friends children often tell their Mom's that our basement has every toy they could possibly want. I love toys as it keeps them busy, learning and interactive. However, I don't love the mess it makes when after a playdate or play session I can hardly find the carpet beneath the strewn toys.

Here are my top 10 tips to de-clutter and organize our toys:

1. I separate the good toys and keep them in my children's bedroom. This way there are no tears during playdate when said toy is broken accidently.
2. I brought these bins at Target for my basement play area and my one basement wall is filled wall to wall with bins. All toys have a place and at the end of the playdate they must find their way back in their place or in a bin. My babystitters always comment on how tidy my children are. I just wish they were tidy for me : )

3. I keep puzzles and games in the family room, this way small pieces are confined to one area making finding lost pieces a little easier. Also this prompts us to grab games instead of watching TV.

4. My children have enough stuffed toys for every child in a local hospital. We kept the cuddly toys at bay by adding shelves and having them sit up high. The rest sit on a chair and around my children's bed. Boon makes an awesome bean bag that you stuff your cuddly toys in as the filling. The clear windows allows your child to see their toys making it a win win for everyone.

5. I use the same code of conduct as daycare "You make the mess, You clean the mess" - works wonders in my house

6. I have a couple of toy bins in the family room that all toys must be kept in when not in use. This has worked great so far and prevents me from stubbing my toes and on little match box cars.

7. Ziploc bags are a must (however, be careful of use with small children and babies). I keep all my daughter's small toys in little ziploc bags. this also keeps my sanity too as there's nothing worse than finding small pieces all over the floor.

8. Totes are wonderful inventions too, these allow toys to be carried from room to room and if you purchase a clear one you can easily see which toys are in each without having to rummage through. Plus they stack easily.

9. My son has numerous match box cars, some collectible and some fragile from being passed down from Father to son. This storage case allows said cars to be organized and easily visualized.

10. We regularly go through and donat toys to cousins or charity. This not only allows for more room for new toys but benefit others!

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