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Win One free pair of 1.5 single vision RX eyeglasses from (2 WINNERS)

Sight is one of the most important senses, especially to me as I'm short sighted.  I wear contact lenses a majority of the time and glasses just to get me from the bathroom to the bed and vice versa.  Prescription eyeglasses are not cheap, with prices usually starting around $150.  But they don’t have to be  - offers a wide range of high quality affordable cheap eyeglasses.

How do they do so? By selling eyeglasses online EyeBuyDirect is able to cut the costs considerably
and offer prescription eyeglasses starting as low as $6.95 including basic Rx lenses. Checkout these
eyeglasses for example.
There are so many glasses to choose from and its great that you can search by frame style, shape and even lowest to highest prices for the budget concious.

Purchase your pair here, also while on the website enter your email and grab a 15% discount.

The Back to School sale is extended to September 30th.  What are you waiting for?  At these prices you can grab a spare pair for the car, night stand and handbag.

TWO Freebie Junkie Readers will each win One free pair of 1.5 single vision RX eyeglasses (Exclusion of designer eyewear and sunglasses.).  Simply enter the Rafflecopter form below:


Jessica said:

I love the ROCK! Clark frames!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

hdrake said:

I "like" the MaxMara MM912/u. Thanks for the chance. I need to glasses and to get a free pair would be the best ever!!

Shell Holland said:

I like the Oxelosund

Anonymous said:

I liked the AB-8016 - Red frames.
Thanks so much.

DealiriousMama said:

I love the Rock! Deborah glasses frames. Hot!
childrenteachingmama at gmail dot com

Gina said:

Liked the ROCK! Glarus - Tortoise

Anonymous said:

Love the rock! Deborah frames.


~Kristen Fritsche~ said:

I love the Rock! Ronnie frames!

holly_young_2225 said:

I like the ROCK! Ronnie glasses

eclairre said:

Liked the ROCK! Glarus - Tortoise

kelsie rae. said:

i love glasses! i love the ROCK! Clark

Sweeter the berry said:

liked Swanson

Paol Trenny said:

I like the Marty - Black - (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

Anonymous said:

I liked the ROCK! Cosmopolitan - Brown (Medium Size)


astroqueen67 said:

I liked the Birobidzhan - Black/Purple Holly Hennessy Swint

Jen said:

Glasses can be so fashionable, so how can I turn down a chance to win these!
jenneethompson at

Anonymous said:

My favorites are M6004

Erin Slattery said:

My favorites are the, liked them on FB.

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