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#defiants 4x4s truck sale ($5.99) at Target®

My son loves trucks, just now we got done playing with his trucks where the goal was to hit other trucks and flip over.  You can never have enough trucks in the house especially when its playdate time with the boys.

Target has the Defiants trucks on sale for $5.99 for a limited time from October 9th through November 5th.  This is perfect as a stocking stuffer or a little gift for his friends!  I like how they are portable too.

Defiants 4x4s are mighty, mini, motorized 4x4s that can take on any challenge! Pocket-sized Defiants 4x4s have real gears, for Power, Speed and Freewheeling Action.  Vehicles are powered by two AAA batteries.  Defiants 4x4s automatically shift into freewheeling mode for insane stunt jumps or reckless downhill runs! And blazing headlights light the way!

Check them out in this YouTube video below

Collect them all at this fabulously low price!

"Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win prizes through One2One Network in exchange for this post.
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