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I'm so grateful for FREE....

I'm so grateful for free samples....

I ran out of detergent tonight... yep my stockpile from a year back is down to zero - not sure how I let that happen but I'm so grateful as I have a little stockpile of free detergent samples (Wisk and Tide) that can tide me over (pardon the pun) until I find a stockpile price.

Check out all the free samples listed here..

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Michigan_Mom said:

OMG this is hilarious!! I actually ran out of detergent yesterday and can't get more until my gain coupons (from a friend) arrive in the mail. Now I have a family that consists of husband (with a dirty job), a 16 yr old daughter who not only play varsity Lacrosse but also is a typical teenage girl with clothes, and a 10 yr old son who is on the football team!! So needless to say everyday is laundry day in my house. Well I didn't want to buy any without my coupons so I also went through my huge box of samples and yes I found like 21 sample packets/containers of detergent!! I was thrilled because that saved me from paying way more than I wanted (Gain on sale @ Meijer w/ $1/1 in 10/16 P&G plus get a coupon for $5 off your next purchase if you buy 2!! So yeah I am using my samples as we speak :)

Sorry I had to reply because it's too funny that we are both having this problem with running out of our stockpile and then using samples.

Have a marvelous Monday,
Kelly Burroughs Crowell

The Freebie Junkie said:

Thanks for the comments Kelly! us Mom's always find something in common! I haven't found a deal yet for launry detergent but I can hold out because of my samples : )

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