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Oh No another Netflix fiasco? Redbox to hike their prices up......

I guess Redbox didn't really learn anything from Netflix last fiasco?

Terrible news everyone. Word on the street is that Redbox is hiking up prices! The cost of renting a DVD will now go up to $1.20 plus tax, effective Oct. 31st.

It‘s the first increase in eight years but Coinstar CEO Paul Davis gave his assurance that they “remain committed to providing redbox customers access to the latest movies at an incredible value.”

He cited the recent increase in debit card intercharge fees, due to the Durbin Amendment, among other operating costs as the reason for the twenty cent rise.  The increase only applies to standard DVD’s.  Games and Blu-Rays will remain $1.50 and $2.00.
While its only a 20 cents increase, its still an increase.  I've not had to pay so far with the free codes that we were given over the summer but now these are sparse I will think twice about paying the extra over watching regular TV that I've already paid for. What's your take?

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