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Review: SWAT member Halloween Costume from Costumediscounters

My son loves to play cops and robbers.  He enlists his friends and family member any chance he gets.  My son has progressed from boys costumes such as spiderman and bumblebee from Transformers in the past and last year a police man so naturally when asked what his costume choice would be this year he assertively stated SWAT Team member.

The childs Jr. SWAT costume retails for $43.97 at Costume Discounters.  While this is usually out of my budget, when I received the costume I understood why.  The costume is made from thick cotton and definetely will outlast halloween.  I've had costumes in the past where they have broken during the halloween trick or treat because of the poor material quality.  My son loves to rummage through his old costume chest when his friends come over and I know this costume will last a long time especially when the boys all fight over this costume. 

Available Sizes: 
Size: Small (Fits most sizes 4-6), Medium (Fits most sizes 6-8), Large (Fits most sizes 10-12)
  • Features a Jr. SWAT jumpsuit and embroidered cap.
  • Billy club sold separately.

Sometimes Quality wins over price
What will your child dress up as this year?
Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion (other people opinions may vary).  Costume Discounters provided me the product to be reviewed but it does not affect my review and opinion on the products discussed herein.

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Anonymous said:

love it...I'm still in need of a costume for myself- my son is going to be a football player and my daughter the cheerleader- but i want a good quality costume that i can wear every year with them.

John said:

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