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Earn 25 Recycle Bank Points

Earn 25 more points on Recycle Bank

Did you know that composting at home can be easy? Recyclebank and Q-tips® cotton swabs are bringing you the basics on what can and can't be composted in a brand new Recyclebank Point earning opportunity. You'll be surprised to learn what household items are compostable!

Find out more about composting and claim 25 Recyclebank points now!

Click the “Earn Points” link in the box above and watch the short video on Composting and then take the short quiz to earn 25 more Recyclebank points!

Q-Tips cotton swaps

I love recyclebank as I can redeem my points for coupons and even gift cards.  Currently, you can snag several FREE food item coupons from McDonald’s for only 100 points, like a FREE small McCafe Smoothie, FREE Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, FREE Small Cone, and more

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