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K'Nex REVIEW: Put K'Nex on your Child's Wishlist

My husband is the last of 6 kids so there are a lot of Aunts and Uncles who spoil my children at every birthday and Christmas.  They often ask for their wish lists and since my two are pretty young I write down a wish list on their behalf.  Usually, I try to fill the list with useful gifts such as clothes and educational toys such as books.  Of course the Aunts and Uncles stray from the list because they don't want to be seen as the boring family member.  So I do throw some educational toys in.  K'Nex is a toy that I'm happy to add to their list and I know K'Nex will bring on a loud cheer when unwrapped.

My children's daycare have tubs of K'Nex at playtime so my children are very familiar with how to build K'Nex structures.  I love how the possibilities are limitless and there are no rules to K'Nex - just some imagination and children have plenty of that.

We received the K'Nex 900 piece tub and the Knight in Armor Elmo Building set.  You can tell from the pictures above how excited they were.  My son got to work on the box of K'Nex while my daughter worked on Elmo.  My daughter loved Elmo K'Nex especially when she pushed down on his head as Elmo talks.  The funniest invention my son made from K'Nex was a walking leash for 4 imaginary dogs, he even made my daughter one for 4 imaginary puppies!  My son wants a puppy so this is the next best thing : )

Put K'Nex on your Child's Wishlist.  Amazon doesn't have the 900 count tub on sale but grab the K'Nex 605 piece set for $49.99 + Free shipping included.  The Elmo Knight in Armor K'Nex Building set is $14.99 + eligible for free shipping with orders over $25 at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received K'NEX products for the purpose of our honest review.  All opinions are of my own, others may vary.
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