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Online Bingo for Those Long Cold Nights

There is an online bingo site that is fun to checkout especially during those long cold nights where there is nothing on TV but you are still wide awake and need something to occupy the mind.  When I think of bingo it reminds me of my childhood when we went down to the seaside every weekend and there you would find families hunkered down over their bingo sheets waiting to shout "BINGO".  We would help our parents with searching for the numbers and when we won it was such a great feeling shouting out the words!  I also enjoyed people watching, there were mostly older people playing and I always wondered if there were no bingo what other activity would consume their day.  Some were clearly addicted but it also gave them the opportunity to get out and meet some friends and see outside of their four walls.

Didn't you just love the bingo lingo?
Snakes alive / All the fives
Clickety click / All the sixes
Two fat ladies / All the eights
One Fat Lady / Golden gate

Playing bingo online makes me wonder whether the other players online are the same kids who sat with their family with pen and bingo sheet in hand when I was a child.  Its a universal game that is not only fun but has monetary gain.  You can also just play the free games for practice or just to occupy the mind.  What would I do if I won the jackpot?  I'd definetly pay off my mortgage.  There's nothing more secure knowing that you own your house outright and noone can take it away from you.  Then I'd take the family on a well earned vacation and bank the rest.  I'm more of a practical person always thinking of the future.  I wish I could be frivolous but hey we'd live off the interest. 

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