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Our Halloween Buy Back

Too much candy?  overall we hit 4 trick or treat events this October and needless to say we ended up with more candy than we gave away

Yesterday we headed to our local dentist and dropped off a HUGE bag of candy to the Halloween Candy Buy Back event! 

My children certainly had fun trick or treating but equally had fun sorting through their candy bags to donate as the incentive was the more candy they donate the more money they make PLUS the troops overseas will enjoy their own halloween candy!

We donated a whopping 9.2lbs of candy and my kids both received $5 each plus a goodie bag with free coupons for their stores!  This event yielded 300lbs of candy. This is a SWEET way to make everyone smile : )

How did your halloween buy back event go?

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geschumann said:

Better sorting than eating. That's a whole lot of candy! Gloria

yanmaneee said:

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