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Come Enter the Santa Sack $400 Cash #Giveaway NOW


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a gift and never giving it”
William Arthur Ward

We are Thankful for our Readers
and we would love for you to win some holiday cash

The Freebie Junkie and Children Teaching Mama PLUS 38 other fabulous bloggers are offering 2 readers the chance to win $200 EACH in our Santa Sack Cash Giveaway
The cash giveaway is open to all worldwide and will be paid directly into your paypal account

What would you do with $200? 
Put it towards your holiday get together?
Donate it to your favorite charity?
Put it towards your holiday gifts?
Splurge on yourself? 

Check out the generous bloggers involved in this event
To win the $200 Santa Cash Giveaway simply enter as many entries as you like in the rafflecopter form below
Take your time and good luck

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Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said:

I would cry. I've been entering contests as fast as I can HOPING to win something that will magically allow me to have a nice Christmas for my kids!!

Nicole said:

I would use it to buy a dollhouse for my ddaughter and a train set for my son.
nbalogh522 at gmail dot com

Maria M said:

I would buy my husband a new TV for his birthday (today!). Ours is so old and outdated. =(

Lee Black said:

I would use the money for Christmas presents!

Anonymous said:

I would buy boys some Christmas toys and clothes! :)
(Stephanie Phelps)

Shea Adams said:

I would Buy Everyone the presents they want for christmas!! Tight Budget this year so it would be amazing to give everyone exactly what they want for christmas! Especially my son! <3 He deserves a Great Christmas! <3 <3 <3

The Purple Lady said:

I would treat my children and myself to a shopping trip where I can say yes instead of the no, we don't have money... Thanks for the giveaway opportunity

Fe said:

I would like to buy Christmas presents for my husband and children.

Megan H said:

I would use the money to buy my boys nice Christmas gifts.

amybrown16 said:

I would use the money to buy an air mattress for family to sleep on during the holidays.

amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

Mysharona said:

i'd buy xmas presents.

Anonymous said:

i would spend it all on my grandchildren for xmas

Kristy Shields said:

I would buy for my daughter!

Rose Hughes said:

Oops, I didn't realize we were supposed to say what we would use the money for! I am done shopping for my kids for Christmas, but have not bought anything for my husband and would LOVE to be able to buy him a nice gift!

Angela W said:

I would buy Christmas gifts for my children!

skbaron said:

Put it towards Christmas presents, definitely!


Julie Lynn Bickham said:

I would use it to finish up my holiday shopping.


what you would buy if you win the prize money. we will be traveling to see family so the money will be used for travel expenses like food and gas!FAMILY IS THE BEST GIFT :)

Unknown said:

I would buy my husband something special to thank him for working so hard this past year.

Unknown said:

I would buy food or medications.

Anonymous said:

I would buy my husband an awesome present
Sylvia White

tracy simms said:

Thanks for the contest!

Hannah W. said:

I would use it to finish buying some gifts and use it to buy gifts for someone who would not receive any!

ann said:

i would finally get my eyes examined and get a new pair of glasses once
amhengst at verizon dot net

Regan said:

I would use it to pay down my credit card from the birthday and xmas shopping. My husband and both kids also have birthdays in November and December so it's a financially stressful time of year

clc408 said:

I would use it for Christmas gifts for the family

js22 said:

I'd spend some of the money on beads for jewelry-making. The rest I'd save to pay bills with.
Thanks for the giveaway!
email in blogger profile.

jessica said:

i'd save it!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

i would get some much needed things for my kitchen. army doesn't pay well at all, and a lot of the cheap stuff we bought years ago needs replacing lol. armywifeda7x at yahoo dot com

therese said:

I would pay off my bills & debt

Cujo hmb said:

I'd get an ipod touch for my wife - she wants one


Unknown said:

I am gonna spend it on me! I really want a Kindle Fire and if I win, I am gonna get it!

Candice said:

I would buy Christmas presents.

Unknown said:

Probably a Kindle Fire

kport207 at gmail dot com

Unknown said:

I would go shopping for me bah haha

Anonymous said:

Probably get a new tv.

Ashley P said:

Shopping for my kids :)

Jenia Johnson said:

I'd probably buy something for my boys :)

Tummy 2 Bummy said:

I would buy gifts for my baby's first Christmas (and for her daddy too of course!) :)

Heather Y. said:

I'd spend it on holiday gifts

Mary Casper said:

I would buy my mother a extra xmas presents and take her out to dinner since she is battling cancer right now

Anonymous said:

awesome giveaway!

would get some gifts for the hubby

Anastasia said:

I would use the money to help pay for a washer/dryer, ours is so old!

anastasia at eco-babyz dot com

mogrill said:

Id buy fencing supplies for our fence we are building
Thanks for the chance.

jules mcnubbin (buttmuffin) said:

an xbox for my daughter and a new tv!

Rachelle J said:

I would love to use this for Christmas gifts :)

Jessica Schank Snow said:

I would use some towards Christmas gifts for the family. I would be able to put more Christmas Care Packages I'm making for the troops. I also would be able to add some more Salvation Army Angels!! =)

Jody Sisson said:

It would go for more Christmas Presents for my Grand Kids.
jodysis at windstream dot net

stacey dempsey said:

i would use it either for christmas gifts, or to pay off christmas debt after xmas lol either was would be great


staceyx at telus dot net

Domestic Diva said:

I'd buy food for our holiday party.

Kathleen said:

Hmm not sure, so much I want to do! More Gifts, or blogging things.

Thess Enriquez said:

Will get new clothes for my son (he grows really fast) and will probably buy a new laptop with bigger memory! Thanks!

sksweeps said:

I'd use this to reduce the cost of the crown on my tooth that I just found out I need

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

KowgirlsRule said:

I am getting married in Feb so I would put the money towards the wedding.
kowgirlsrule at gmail dot com

Michelle said:

I would buy new towels and sheets since ours are getting quite worn out. thanks!

CDM said:

Our second daughter was due Dec. 20th but surprised us on Thanksgiving day instead, meaning we needed to get some basics we still didn't have ASAP, a month earlier than expected. On top of that, we ended up with both cars in need of repairs and are driving a loaner from my mother in law. I'd use the cash to help get caught up after all our "I can't believe this is happening now" moments!

Stacey said:

I would put it towards rent

Samantha said:

I would buy our family a better camera so we can capture more of the great memories we are making this holiday season...and years to come.

sjam916 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

I'd love to win this so I can stock my pantry and make great homemade gifts for everyone!

SenaRena said:

Would love to win this so I can give my girls an awesome Christmas! :)

Anonymous said:

Pay bills and buy clothes

nemesis_33012 at yahoo dot com

Kathleen said:

new dishwasher!

heyfrugalmommy at hotmail dot com

Deborah Lyle Line said:

If I won, I'd put the money toward Christmas presents for all of my grandkids :)

minijen2008 said:

If i win ill be buying some clothes for my daughter, boyfriend and I!!!

Anonymous said:

I would pay off debt :( Boring I know but it's true!

melatc said:

I would buy items for our honeymoon!

Robin Appelhans said:

I would use the money to buy Christmas for my Grandkids.

Rowell Reviews said:

I would buy gifts for my family.

Angela W said:

Christmas gifts for my family!

Gerri said:

I would give some to my foster agency for extra gifts for the foster children, I would give some to Salvation Army so they could feed more Hungary on Christmas and I would buy my 3 and my 2 foster kids a few nice things.


Amanda Leach said:

Pay off some of this Christmas debt. LOL.

tamathamc said:

since I was laid off several months there is no budget for presents, this would come in soooo handy

Janette said:

I would pay bills with it.

Kia89 said:

I would buy Christmas presents.

Anonymous said:

a new sink

Rich said:

I would be able to buy the gift that my kid really wants

Barbarawr said:

I would put it towards a bicycle for my son for Christmas

Email address is in blogger profile

Liese2 said:

Christmas presents for my kids and husband!

pintworks said:

i would buy some new clothes i really need.

Sandytee said:

Some of it would go toward Christmas presents for sure, the rest I'd put toward a weekend getaway I am planning the first of the year.

Michelle said:

I would put the money toward an ipad

Laura C said:

I would use it to buy Christmas dinner for my children and grandchildren.

Victoria said:

I would buy more clothes for my kids and a couple toys vbarton24 at gmail dot com

Bl00drayne33 said:

I'd buy a wireless router and finish my Xmas shopping!

Diana R. said:

This would go towards a trip back home to Texas! Yeehaw! :)

aware said:

I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends!

Jessica said:

I'd put it towards baking ingredients, as I'd love to send cookie-filled care packages out this year.


Haggatha said:

hmmm I would buy something special for hubby and I when the holiday's were over.

mandy norris said:

i would buy my fiance a wonderful christmas gift bc Im unemployed I dont have any money to buy him something.

crystletellerday said:

new clothes and household items

kara hobgood said:

stuff for xmas for the family!.. this would be a blessing right now, and actually be our christams!!!.. gl everyone!.. God bless

Missybeez said:

I would use it to pay off some debt.

Simone said:

I would use this money to go to New York for the day to see all of the great holiday displays.


Anonymous said:

tracie duffield
would spend it on the kids

Jean Lynd said:

I'd buy Christmas gifts for my family of 6
jeanlynd at att dot net

Jennifer Haile said:

Christmas presents!

SamanthaD said:

My sons birthdays are both in Jan! I'd probably pay for parties and presents!


April Trent said:

I would buy an oven. I am in desperate need of a reliable one.

Shannon Egan said:

I would put this towards New Year's Eve dinner and something nice for my fiance'. :)

Dana said:

I'd buy my teenage daughter some new clothes.

James said:

If I won I would buy my mom a Roku2 box and my wife a new Kindle Fire and a generous Amazon gift card to put content on it.

tilak said:

I would use it for my tuition fees. :)

MTgunfighter said:

It would go towards our family's Spring vacation/ATV ride

mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

Min K said:

I'm getting my hair cut & colored.

Stephanie said:

Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said:

Last minute Christmas gifts.

Anonymous said:

I would use it to pay fro my tuition next semester.

Anonymous said:

I would use it to buy food for the house..and buy baking supplies so i could bake cookies for friends and neighbors..

. said:

I would use it to pay off Christmas and probably put anything left over toward textbooks for Spring. :)

Anonymous said:

Books for my husband

Unknown said:

I would pay off a bit of my credit card debt with this :(

Anissa said:

I desperately need new shoes as I wear mine until they break, and they all are breaking now!

Love Katydid said:

I would pay some bills with this money :)

Charisse S said:

pay bills!

Michelle - Powered by Mom said:

A little towards bills and hopefully a fun night out with the family, dinner and a movie.

alsvegas said:

I would send it all to my daughter/mom food right away :)

Lantana H. said:

I would pay bills and get a new pair of shoes and a winter coat.

smilekisses said:

I would put this on my charge card.
dolniaks at consolidated dot net

Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher said:

I would buy some Christmas gifts for my daughter :)

Shannon Gallagher
lovescrissangel at hotmail dot com

Chevelle said:

I would buy a nice espresso machine!

Unknown said:

I would buy a nice high school style locker for my oldest daughter who is 10 yrs old so her younger sisters 4 yrs and 2 yrs stop getting into her school bag and books. And I would buy my 4 year old a locker too just so she feels like a big girl. And a little cubby for my 2 year old.

guettel78 said:

We desperately need a new desktop PC, so I would most likely use the money toward investing in a new HP Touchsmart to surprise the family with, which would be awesome!

Geoff K

Alena B said:

Couldn't post on Sonya's Happenings, posting my comment here

Buy amazing Christmas gifts and toys for my kids!!!!!
Alena Bejenarou

jzagarjr said:

I use it to buy a new television

The Riebeek Family said:

I would buy my hubby some christmas gifts. Tools and Clothes :)

The Riebeek Family said:

Oh, no I think I already entered on one of the partner web pages. I hope it doesn't double count my entries or kick me out!

Caryn said:

I would use half for Christmas, and the other half toward Logan's ongoing medical bills. I know I know. I'm all kinds of spontaneous. LOL

frazzledmomma at livingwithlogan dot com

buzzd said:

Buy a new blackberry as my phone is acting up

Amy R said:

I would buy my Mother something very nice for Christmas. She deserves it!

jen said:

I would get my son a new coat, a new pair of tennis shoes and my daughters snow boots. jennifer_yowell@yahoo dot com

Unknown said:

I'd use it towards the purchase of an ipad for my husband.
Jesskaufman at hotmail dot com

Tiffany said:

I would buy Christmas presents for my friends with it.

Anonymous said:

It would be great christmas ever.

jcarrturq5 said:

I would buy my family Christmas presents.

Melodic Mom said:

I would use it on myself to buy new clothes. I haven't bought new clothes for myself in 3 years, and all my clothes are too baggy.

slehan said:

Lots of presents.
Thanks for the contest.

Anonymous said:

I'd buy an ITouch or maybe give it to charity :)

Crystal waters said:

I would buy Xmas gifts

Anonymous said:

I'd get my kids a swingset for Christmas!
becca9916 at gmail dot com

Amy Rhoades said:

I think I might cry if I won $200. I've entered every contest I can find. Got laid off months ago and have to finish paying for my last semester of college! I would be so grateful if by some miracle I did win.

Jerrica17 at aol dot com

jodi leah baird said:

omgosh!! thank you for this chance to win.this would help out with christmas for my 3 kiddos so much..thank you bloggers for all you do!!

Anonymous said:

If I will I will use the money towards the new house we are hoping to buy so we have room for another baby! Thank you!

Farm Mommy 3 said:

I would by a few christmas gifts, but also the things I need for my baby that will be born soon. We still need so much and this would be a HUGE BLESSING to win!

Thanks for the giveaway!!
Syndel Valle

Dennise said:

I would use the money to buy myself some MCAT books to get into medical school :D

Ane said:

I would use it for a car repair. Thanks!

Anonymous said:

I would use the money to pay my car payment no money no car

trustjesus7771 at yahoo dot com

clynsg said:

I would use it to help pay for my daughter's textbooks for next semester.

cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

cjbstar said:

Groceries and gas

russrpm said:

I would spend it toward a weekend getaway for my wife and me in Feb.

Joe. said:

I think I'd have to take my husband on a FANTASTIC date to this restaurant about 45 miles from us that he LOVES - then the rest would either go on bills, or paying off credit cards!

Anonymous said:

If i won the price i would buy my mom, brother, sister and father a really nice christmas gift and some makeup for myself.

sweetsue said:

I would buy a fancy new drill for my boyfriend.

michelle said:

it would probably help towards biils or groceries

Anonymous said:

Spend it this Season .Enjoy your Festive HolidaY!

Anonymous said:

shopping therapy for me, been sick, need a lift

Tasha Anderson said:

I would use it to buy something for my son on his first christmas since we don't have the money to do it because my husband had to miss work while my son was hospitalized just recently.

michele376 said:

I would use it to do a little extra shopping this year.

Peter Dale said:

I would take my wife on a romantic overnight trip.

Christian Winterbach said:

Would love to spoil my fiancee!

Mary-Jane Howard said:

I would probably buy some rare books or jewellery for xmas pressies thankyou

Courtney Byrne-Mitchell said:

I would make an "Extra Christmas Payment" on my student loans!

Kate W said:

I'd buy some awesome cowboy boots and something nice for my mom.

Suzanne said:

I would love to win this so I could buy some nice gifts for my family!

Anonymous said:

I would spoil everyone I love and my pets!! They all deserve it!

tenley said:

i would go visit my fellow in california for new year's:)

slamarr said:

I would help my friend live out her drems of being independent.

melissa said:

I'd use the money for Christmas presents for my 10 year old and give some cash to my bf's daughter, who is in her freshman year in college. Both of our children are amazing and deserve more than we can give them, we would love to give them the world, but would be greatful to be able to give them peices of it instead.

heyhihelloyou said:

i would buy my friend a pair of boots

Caity said:

I would buy some Christmas presents. I just quit me job to go back to school... everyone on my list is going to get hugs at this point.

Anonymous said:

It would go to the local food bank and the toys for tots this year all donations have been really low this year

Unknown said:

I would pay bills.

amasfun47 said:

I would buy christmas gifts for my grandkids
amasfuntime at

Nicole Carter said:

I would buy Christmas presents!
Nicole Carter

Jenn J said:

I would save it for vacation!

Anonymous said:

I would help my kids give their kids a better Christmas

Anonymous said:

i recently found out that my husband and I are going to be first time parents and are expecting a baby I would put the money towards my baby.

Gloria S said:

I would buy Christmas presents for my grandchildren

Alysia said:

I'd pay a few of my mom's bills.

Erica C. said:

I would use this to pay a car payment probably :)

Tina Hudgins said:

I would put the money towards a down payment on a house.

Danielle said:

It would cover much needed dental care!!

debpaint16 said:

I would use it toward getting my car fixed!! Thank you so much for a chance to win

Anonymous said:

I would use the money to help pay the bills.

Cheryl W said:

I would put the money toward a new dining room table

tracy simms said:

Our family would use it for gas to see family in VA and NY

llinda29 said:

I could get groceries

Wendy said:

I'd use the money to catch up on living expenses. What a great giveaway! Thx for the opp!! :)
welindsey at gmail dot com

Hoa said:

I would love to buy some new clothes for my daughter and I!


Allie said:

new clothes and zumba fitness

Anonymous said:

I would give it to my mom. She can sure use it, it would help her alot.

msrodeobrat said:

i would put it towards christmas presents
addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

Sarah Shirley said:

I would put it towards paying my grandmother back for college bills.

Anonymous said:

I would put it toward an elliptical exercise machine.


Unknown said:

I would buy some warm sweatshirts and sweatpants. I live in the PNW and it's cold here this year. I've been living here since May 2010 and all my stuff has worn out. Would really love to buy some warm things!

Terra said:

I would put the money toward a new car.

Unknown said:

finish my xmas shopping1/2 done and out of moneydue to layoffs

sparkedcat said:

I would buy champagne for New Years Eve.

Brittney said:

i would save it and use it to buy gifts for my daughter on her birthday
brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

i would buy clothes

lrcfr27 at yahoo dot com

spirit_kim said:

I would buy some winter clothes and maybe a dog bed for Bo.
gabe411 at hotmail dot com

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