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Did you all......?

I've just got home to find all the windows and doors wide open. They've taken everything. it's all gone. The dirty rotten thieving XXXXXXX. What kind of sick minded person would do that to another person? You are not human. You are low life...................That was my advent calendar and you had no right to open it and eat all my chocolates!

I saw this posted on my friends FB page and this made me laugh!

Did you all open your advent Calendar's today?

I got the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar for my son

and the Hello Kitty one for my daughter

Plus I have The Buckingham Palace Advent Calendar for myself : )

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Jackie said:

This made me laugh!!! My daughter, who is 16 loves those chocolate advent calendars. Last year I bought her one, and I think she opened all the doors and windows in two days. I am going out later to buy her one for this year.

The Freebie Junkie said:

Trader Joes has the chocolate ones! I refrained from getting chocolate ones this year.

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