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Get Started on your Slim Fast Plan

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


The Holiday season is a fun time for children and adults alike, there are gifts, family time, and get togethers. However, all that fun can lead to putting on weight during the festivities.  I know I come out in January a lot heavier than when December rolled in.  I simply can't resist the chocolate and cookies that everyone brings to work.  Eating in moderation is the way to go, but when its Christmas that flies straight out the window for many.  One cheat way is to replace meals with Slim-Fast. If you know you are heading out to a get together or a girls night out replace some meals earlier in the day with Slim-Fast and you can splurge a little later in the day. 

Slim-Fast has recently launched the creamiest, richest, best taking shakes ever.  Now you can also find a convenient newly designed bottle that means you can take them on the go from the purse to the desk to the gym.  Losing weight shouldn't mean sacrificing taste.  I tried it for myself and while I've never tried them prior to this campaign I was impressed with the creamy taste and can definitely see myself grabbing a few and replacing a few meals to help prevent weight gain during the holidays.


Want to slim down for a special occasion, and don't have time to waste? The  Slim-Fast 3•2•1 Plan gives you quick results when done right. Plus, it's flexible, so you can get the structure you want with the variety you crave.

The 3.2.1 plan is pretty simple.  3 represents 3 snacks a day (e.g. Slim·Fast 100-calorie snack bars, nuts, fruits and/or veggies).  2 represents two Slim·Fast shakes or meal bars - just replace a meal with your choice of Slim·Fast shakes and meal bars in a range of delicious flavors .  1 represents one 500-calorie balanced meal per day.

Start Your Slim·Fast® 3·2·1 plan today.  Slim-Fast products are available at your local retailer (such as Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and Kroger and online at

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