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Give the gift of preparedness - Powermax Prize Pack Giveaway

We live 1 hour north of Pennsylvannia and just this year we felt the aftershocks of an earthquake, experienced hurricane Irene's fury and shoveled out 6 inches of snow just a few days before halloween.

I got serious and put together this emergency supply kit that sits in my mud room closet ready for us to pick up in case of an emergency!

•Canned goods and nonperishable foods that do not need cooking:
◦Canned meats and fish
◦Canned fruits and vegetables
◦Canned soups and puddings
◦Canned fruit juices
◦Dried fruit and nuts
◦Bread, cookies and crackers
◦Peanut butter and jelly
•Manual can opener
•Bottled water (1 gallon per person/per day)
•Prescription medication (2 week supply)
•Extra eyeglasses
•Pet food/supplies
•Water purification tablets (halazone)
•Disposable plates, cups, and utensils
•Infant care items
•Copies of insurance & bank documents
Flashlights + Camping lanterns + extra batteries
AM/FM Radio + extra batteries

Make sure to keep checking the food for expiration dates

Everyone should be prepared for an emergency!
Consider purchasing Powermax's AC Delco batteries and flashlights as gifts this holiday season.  Give the gift of preparedness.

Thanks to AC Delco 1 lucky reader will win these goodies for their emergency preparedness kit

                ACDelco 16 LED Battery Powered Lantern

 Be Prepared Be Safe
Simply enter to win through the rafflecopter form below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: AC Delco provided the products for giveaway in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions are of my own, others may vary.

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Michele said:

I have to say, I'm not very prepared. We do have a generator hardwired to the house, a full propane tank, and some canned food
rlawrence110 at yahoo dot com

ashleynicole said:

im not but need to be

BethElderton said:

I am less prepared now that I am in Denver, but when I was in Houston I was always prepared for hurricane. I had what was essentially everything you need to cook and live in case of emergency. I gave all of that to my son when he moved to Galveston (they evacuated for Ike)
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Jackie said:

We keep flashlights and extra batteries in the house.
Thank you!

Wild N Mild $$$ said:

We have flashlights and batteries, candles, and bottled water on hand. We should have a heat source that doesn't require electric to run. A generator would be nice. We have a lot of power outages in the north east.

Jennifer Rote
wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said:

Patricia Wojnar Crowley
tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

We try to buy something for our food storage once a month. Couponing helps alot...

Cathy W said:

Well, I'm thinking we're NOT with only a couple of flash lights and a few batteries. Guess i really need to get with the program, huh?

dsando1 said:

I am not really prepared for an emergency. I have a couple of flashlights and that is about it. I too was hit with the earthquake, hurricane and we had tornadoes come through our town in a time span of about 2 weeks. We were without electric or water for almost a week and lost all of our food. It was crazy because we were not prepared for it. I really need to get an emergency kit together and winning this would definitely help out so much! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!! :)

Vesper said:

We have candles, a propane fire and propane camping stove plus a cupboard of dry foods which gets eaten after the last of the snow has gone.So we are ready to stock up again.
When we know there is a storm coming we cook up a big stew just in case the power goes.

sarah shult said:

We have talked about where we will meet in case of a fire but nothing else

Sylvia said:

We have emergency food and drink on hand but that is about it

hrm said:

I live in L.A. and can always use more supplies for our emergency kits.

JoAnn Brightman said:

I do have a lantern, but that is not enough for anemergency

JM Townsley said:

We have a solar powered radio, medical specifically designated for an emergency, water stored in 5 gallon containers not for drinking, water stored for drinking, batteries, flashlights, hand warmers, and some shelf stable food. This all came about after our experience with the Joplin tornado. We also have sample hygiene products that I get in the mail put up.

cranepuffin said:

Not really prepared at all except I can say I have a lot of batteries!

kim-dan at

TheVegan said:

I'm not at all prepared for an emergency!! :/ We usually keep batteries on hand,that's about it. I'm always *planning* on buying supplies(usually around the start of hurricane season) but haven't ever gotten around to it.

Anonymous said:

iam not really as prepared as i would like to be. I have 2 flashlights ,a first aid kit and a few candles with some lighters.

Cujo hmb said:

Our family is prepared with flashlights and batteries plus plenty of food. We also have a generator and just filled-up the gas cans.


Anonymous said:


deanna_boocock said:

We spend part of our year on Vancouver Island - prime Earthquake country. We made sure that our apartment is on the ground floor so we can out and we keep 3 days worth of fresh water, canned food and an opener next to the back door.

julie said:

We live in fl, so this would be great. For an emergency, we have a generator

Nikki said:

Have to admit that I'm not very prepared! I do have some canned/ dry food but that's about it.

Unknown said:

I'm really not. I have water in my car but that't about it!

Unknown said: blogged

eclairre said:

Entered inkoos.

I have a lot of bottled water & flashlights.

ann said:

I always try to have flashlights and batteries , candles , matches handy
amhengst at verizon dot net

ann said:

entered for the gourmet gift basket

melissa miller said:

we have candles, flashlights, batteries, and tons of blankets.. We also have lots of canned foods on hand

Stephanie said:

WE have candles, and flashlights, we also have an am/fm radio that we crank, and some canned foods, hopefully its enough for a big emergency if we ever need it.

Stephanie said:

I entered the down east basics giveaway

michele376 said:

I live in Upstate New York and we have winter storms, floods wind storms and other emergencies that cause us to lose electricity for days and sometimes be snowed in. I have learned that an emergency plan is neccessary. I try to have a stock of food that is easiy prepared without electricity.(we have a gas stove) I keep at least 5 or 6 jugs of water plus a case of bottled water. We have extra batteries on hand for lights and a radio. We have learned that you have to be prepared in every season.

jessica said:

Living in an earthquake prone area, I am way less prepared than I should be. I have about half of an emergency kit packed. I need to get on it!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

I got as far as downloading a checklist, but we aren't really prepared for a disaster other than candles, flashlights and keeping the pantry well-stocked ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Anonymous said:

Blogged about the Giveaway

I also entered the Aveeno Hair Care Bundle giveaway.

You didn't leave an extra info box on the Rafflecopter form.

Jonnie (JB) said:

I have a first aid kit, flashlights, canned goods and bottles water stashed away in the basement.

{Jb H on rafflecopter}

skkorman said:

We always stock up om canned food, bottled water, and flashlights for hurricane season!

Bee W Bedard said:

We keep flashlight and extra batteries

Anonymous said:

We have a kit which includes canned food, water, crank radio flashlight and a first aid kit, etc.


Kasee said:

We have fire / earthquake / storm conversations often. We have backpacks for every family member and extra supplies in our RV + generators. I always keep canned foods on hand. We have more flashlights than any family could ever need ... and batteries for them all! We even have plans for which kid will rescue which pet, if it's safe to, of course.

Martha Boismier said:

Well I'm not prepared much except water, flaslights(8),and some can goods.Sounds pretty bad.

jbmthill said:
I am prepared by always having a large supply of batteries, water bottlesm, first aid kit and a am/fm radio in our basement.

Unknown said:

I'm not prepared. I wish I could say I were....

Bridget Hopper

Unknown said:

Shared on my giveaway blog

Bridget Hopper

michelleplummer said:

We are not prepared at all.

one frugal lady said:

We are somewhat prepared... we've been thru several major hurricanes!

Jan Messali said:

I have big rubbermaid bins with a change of clothes for each person in the family, some food and water.

Jan Messali said:

I entered the giveaway for Down East Basics Clothes.

michele376 said:

I live in upstate New York so we have to be prepared for anything. I have a stockpile plus water, batteries and other emergency supplies.

Jennifer said:

I live in SC, we prepare for hurricanes during the season.

latanya t said:

we are not really prepared

Unknown said:

I keep a case of bottle water in my bathroom which is our emergency shelter in case of tornado, and a case of water in my vehicle. I also have first aid kits in both places. Other than that, we aren't really that prepared! LOL


Cathy W said:

Entered Aveeno Hair Care Bundle Ends 12/23

Unknown said:

Entered the Label Daddy giveaway!


Unknown said:

My hubby has a "go bag" that we could grab and run out the door has all the essentials if we needed to evacuate the house immediately.

Anonymous said:

I keep a stash of water, candles and flashlights on hand.

katie at coverbutton dot net

Emily said:

Last time we had a power outage and couldn't open our refrigerators, we realized that we need to keep a more balanced diet in our pantry. We had plenty of carbohydrates, but almost no sources of protein. So keeping canned tuna and peanut butter and such in the pantry is one thing we make sure to do now.

Danielle said:

I try to keep enough on hand with batteries and canned goods (and an opener!) to keep us safe if needed. We also keep bottled water on hand too. We live in tornado alley and also have harsh winters sometimes so it is a must to be prepared!

Erin S said:

We have a Family plan including an out of state contact!

Jofi Hoppe Wresh said:

have a couple mylat blankets so far

Unknown said:

We're not too prepared, after reading this :(

ericka coello said:

honestly, I am not really prepared for a big emergency, I only have a basic first aids box and poison control phone number

ericka coello said:

entered the Hawaiian Kettle Chips Assortment

darlene miller said:

im not to prepared,just have blankets and a flash lite in car

Susan O'Bryant said:

We are somewhat prepared. Nowhere near as prepared as we would like to be. That's a goal for us in 2012 - to learn more about what we'd need in an emergency, and stock up.

Anonymous said:

We have a set meeting point in case of an emergency and carry some necessary items in our car.


Anonymous said:

I follow you on GFC(kellyr78) and I entered your Baby bedding zone curtains giveaway. Google +: Kelly D

Emillie Rose said:

I have some warm clothes and blankets in my car in case of emergency.
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

Julie Lynn Bickham said:

I'm really not prepared at all, guess it's time to.

christigpa said:

We have some things put together but not enough!

christigpa at gmail dot com

Deb Anderson said:

I'm really NOT prepared for an emergency so it would be a blessing to win this!!

sumthingpurdy said:

honestly, I'm not prepared for anything...except maybe power maybe I should though!

409cope said:

We have a generator and we always have bottled water and canned food on hand.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

April G said:

We have a first aid kit and that's about it. :/

GFC name = April G
Also entered Hawaiian Kettle Chips giveaway.


Tiffany LaCourse said:

We are prepared with flashlights & a first aid kit, thats it!! :/

Unknown said:

I have 2 huge bins full of emergency food and supplies in my garage
luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

Unknown said:

we are starting a stockpile of non perishables..

Fun in the Sun said:

I am not that prepred but will work on it. my kids moved to pa. in April and could sure use this kit. I would love to win it for them.

lou said:

I live on the Gulf Coast and have to be prepared for hurricanes. I have a portable generator and we also use our grill since we are often out of power for days after a hurricane.

Unknown said:

I have accessible small flashlights and candles and lots of blankets.

myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

Sandy @ Journey To Our Home said:

We are more worried about tornadoes here. We have a kit in our basement- water, extra food, candles, flashlights, whistles, and blankets. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

Anonymous said:

We always keep batteries & flashlights on hand & I have a small emergency kit too. We could definitely be more prepared though.

Laura said:

I've got a long way to go. I keep blankets, a flashlight and a way to tie my 4 year old to my back and my 4 month old to my chest in the car. In the house, I'm not quite so prepared.

Jessica Snook said:

We keep lots of food stocked in the pantry.

bickie said:

At the moment I am not prepared but that is my goal for this year!!! I need to be able to survive on my own if I were to lose electricity, clean water, etc.

Anonymous said:

i have some candles and lighters but iam not prepared like i should.

Anonymous said:

blogged about giveaway

Beth R said:

We have a tornado kit in our basement with canned food, can opener, non perishables, flashlights, blankets, shoes for everyone, and bottles of water

Cálaeb Temple said:

i am not prepared as i should be.

Unknown said:

I'm really not yet...i should be though!
GFC: KatieRox4You
Networked Blogs/Facebook/Google: Katie Smith
Stumble: katierox4you

Unknown said:

I entered the Kettle chips giveaway

Cheryl said:

We keep plenty of bottled water and canned food on hand.

MonkeyThreads said:

After Irene and the October storm we installed gas logs in the fire place and purchased more flashlights. This prize pack would be a great addition to our emergency supplies.

Janette said:

We aren't prepared at all.

corey1971 said:

I have a small commercial "preparedness in a box" in the car and a bigger one in the house. I also try to keep an extra case of water on hand at all times and have good supply of first aid and medical supplies (the kinds we use every day, nothing crazy) and extra batteries always around. (Corey Olomon)(

DebbyM said:

We have canned goods in the pantry at all times...and try to keep some batteries and flashlights/lanterns. Luckily the stove is gas so even if the power goes out we can cook. We also keep a couple of cases of bottled water on hand. We could definetly use the new lantern and batteries though!


AJ said:

Not very! My FIL would kill us if he knew! :)
iheartcoupons4 at

Clarke & Lewis said:

we make sure our smoke and co2 detectors are always working
rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

Wendy Rozema said:

i have candles & a flashlight

Lori said:

Not very prepared, but do hav candles & flashlights available - but no extra batteries!!

wins4me said:

I am not prepared, this would help
entered the Hexbug Nano Hive contest

Christine Sapp said:

I am not prepared at all but really need to be due to the fact that we are in tornado country.

vanessa d. said:

We have bottled water, flashlights, and batteries. We have canned food, and lots of snacks. We have alot of blankets.

Unknown said:

We have flashlights and that is all...

Wild N Mild $$$ said:

entered Mr Chewy.

Jennifer Rote
wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

aliciaz said:

I am ashamed to admit that I am not at all prepared :(

Jenny said:

Honestly, we are not very prepared. We do have flashlights all over the house and the kids know what to do in case of a fire or tornado. . .

jenny_anwar at

Jenny said:

I entered the Hexbug Nano giveaway

jenny_anwar at

Kathy said:

We are not well prepared, but we should be.

Kathy said:

Enterd Kettle Chips giveaway

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