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HOT DEAL ALERT! Crayola Deal - 3 items for $1.29 + Tax

Remember the ToysRUs Kung Zhu deal posted here last week? where the B1G2 deal was taking off the higher priced items at checkout!

Here's a similar scenario for Crayola products! Make sure you have them picked at your local store to save on shipping costs!

This may be a glitch and could be reversed by Toys R Us, but if you are planning on buying these items anyway – it’s a great deal OR SIMPLY donate to Toys for Tots!

The cheapest crayons are not in stock online and can only be picked up at a store. (which you can still do – they are $1.29!)

But, you can get the Washable Markers 8-pk for $3.99 and two of the 50-ct Crayola Super Tip Washable markers FREE (see above)

The products must have the Red Buy 1 Get 2 Free under them to qualify.

 I also went through ebates for a little cashback : ) PLUS if you have the free Shoprunner acct you can get it shipped to you for FREE
I plan on donating these to Tots for Toys! : )

Come back and let me know how you made out!

Thanks Mojosavings
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Anonymous said:

It worked! However, the markers for $9.99 that you show above were not eligible for shop-runner, so I would have had to pay shipping for them. I got the Crayola Window Crayons ($4.49 for $0), 8 lg washable crayons ($3.19 for $0), and 24 count crayons for $1.20. The total with tax is $1.40. I chose to pick up from the store as it's very near to where I live. Thank you so much! These will be great stocking stuffers for my girls.

The Freebie Junkie said:

Thanks for sharing what you got. Some are not available online or for store pick up but keep trying! : )

Anonymous said:

I did this yesterday but it said unavailable in my EMAIL!

CDM said:

The buy one get two free is still their promo, so you can get 3 the 50 pc sets for $10, but the glitch giving you two free $10 sets with one 3.99 marker purchase appears to be fixed.

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