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Review: The Zero Scale - Results without the Weight

This time of the year is when everyone lets loose to enjoy the festivities of the holidays.  Drinks and food flow freely at the holiday and office parties but we all pay for it come January.  I took proactive measures this year and started a weight loss program back in October which entailed portion controlled microwave meals for breakfast and lunch and careful choices for dinner. Of course, I hate denying myself all the good stuff but my program allows for these goodies which has helped me lose weight slowly but surely.  The worst and best thing about dieting is standing on a scale.  What's worst is when you gain weight, what's best is when you lose weight. So why make standing on a scale complicated and stressful?

The Zero Scale is a bathroom scale that keeps your weight a secret making it easier for you to stay focused on your loss/gain progress rather than the three digit numbers which pop up on the scale.

  • Never see your weight again!
  • Automatically shows Loss/Gain of weight
  • Shows “days since last check” and “total days since you started”
  • Smart memory stores 4 users, plus a guest
  • Large and bright digital LCD display to read day or night
  • Easy step-by-step set up
  • Thin, sleek design with glass surface
  • High quality design and construction to last
I have an old fashioned scale in my bathroom and my husband was first to open the package and set up the Zero Scale before I got home.  Setting it up is easy, especially for my hubby who like all men tosses instructions aside. Simply install the four AAA batteries and tap your foot on it!  The Zero Scale can track up to 4 users, and has a guest mode that allows it to function as a regular scale if you so choose.  We both like the Zero Scale as it allows you to check your weight loss/gain rather than actual weight.  No more counting in your head as its plain to see as soon as you stand on the progress.  We love it so much that the old scale has now made its way out of the house.  The pedometer that came with the scale challenges users to complete a number of steps a day which is a good add on with any weight loss program.  I work in an office environment and have my pedometer on everyday to encourage me to walk a little more during the day - walking definetely helps with weight loss.  Grab the Zero Scale to see real progress for a healthy and fit New Year!


The Zero Scale can be purchased from The Zero Scale plus free pedometer for $59.95 plus shipping.

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & The ZERO Scale who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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