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Switched At Birth DVD Volume 1 Review

As if teenage angst isn't enough to deal with, imagine finding out at a school project that your blood type is not genetically related to your parents and a series of test confirms that you were accidently switched at birth!  See how this plays out on the ABC Family show Switched at Birth.  The first 10 episodes has been released on DVD (Volume 1) on December 13th. So grab it for a rollercoaster of a show.

This series introduces you to the two families affected by a huge mixup at the hospital when they were born.  The girls were accidently switched at the hospital after birth and are raised by two totally different families.  Daphne Vasquez (Katie Leclerc) becomes deaf after a bad case of menegitis when she was three and lives with her struggling single mother and Peurto Rican grandmother.  While Bay Kennish (Vanessa Morano) is a very artisitic teen who grows up in a very wealthy neighborhood raised by her stay at home mother and her former professional player baseball father.  Bay also has an older brother whom she is very close to.

After Bay finds out her blood type in school, she soon finds out it does not match her parents and begins to wonder.  The family soon finds thereself at genitic testing where they get the shock of their life!  After realizing that Bay is not their biological daughter they soon seek out their biological daughter and the families meet for the first time.  When Regina (Constance Marie) is faced with hard times and may have to move, the Kennishas allow her and Daphne to move into their guest house and so the drama continues. 
Each episode kept me wanting more, just like Twilight did.  It was nice to not have to sit through commercials and I actually watched the whole thing in 2 ngihts after putting the kids to bed.  Having two young children of my own I cannot imagine the consequence of this situation. It plays on your own experience as a mother and also on your teenage years and how would you have dealt with such a situation. 
Check out the preview here

Disclosure: I was provided a review copy for the purpose of my honest review.  All opinions are of my own, others may vary.
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