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Travel to Australia on a budget

Prior to kids, my husband and I set ourselves goals to travel as much as we could as we knew that our lives would sure to change financially when we would become blessed with little ones.  I was frugal back then too and would try to travel on much less!  With just the two of us we were able to score a free international trip about every two years!  It helped that my husband travels for business so making it easier and quicker to rack up airmiles and hotel points.  Plus, much to the dismay of Mr Dave Ramsey we charged everything onto our credit card to rack up even more points to which we would cash in for spending money.  The furthest we've ever traveled to is Australia.  This trip took a while for us to save up for, but we did it and have wonderful memories of our time down under.

We hit Sydney first and of course headed straight to Sydney Harbor to see the Sydney Opera House and we also took in the Sydney Harbor Bridge walk.  While the bridge walk was a small fortune, my husband talked me into spending the money and I'm so glad he did because who would travel so many miles to not capture the beauty of the harbor from such a unique vantage point?  While in the city we found out from some locals that there are beautiful wineries in Hunter Valley not so far from the city, so we went online to look for cheap car hire in Australia.

What a beautiful drive and I must say the wine tasting experience was amazing.  We found one winery that had docile friendly kangaroos on site.  After 4 days in Sydney we hopped on a flight to Cairns and took in the Great Barrier Reef! 

Life is short, go figure out a way to make things happen.  If there is a will, there is a way...

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DealiriousMama said:

Sounds like a great vacation! I think car hire is definitely the way to go so you can see everything and go at your own pace.

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