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Come Enter to #win the $300 Valentine's Date Night Cash #Giveaway

We are Thankful for our Readers
and we would love for you to win some Cash for your Valentine's Date Night

The Freebie Junkie and many other fabulous bloggers are offering (1) reader the chance to win $300 in our Valentine's Date Night Cash Giveaway Event

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Emily Tardy said:

Hubby and I love to go out to eat and (when we can agree on it) a movie!

Leslie Harris said:


Dianna P said:

Dinner and movies!

heather schwartz said:

Dinner and movies!

Unknown said:

Go to dinner then the movie

Roxanna P said:

Dinner! Put if I won this we'd so get a nite at a nice hotel that has a jacuzzi!

mar said:

we go out to dinner

lbsorrow said:

we typically go to dinner and a movie

Anonymous said:

Going out to dinner and a movie is our usual routine. Sometimes it is a night of going out to dinner with other couples and then out for a night on the town.

Heather said:

We like to go Geocaching!

Anonymous said:

dinner and a movie....but with this $$ I'd come up with something bigger and better!

couponqueen0250 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said:

Dinner and a movie
radeeolover at yahoo dot com

Christy said:

We like to go to a movie. said:

Thanks for the change to win and for what all of you do everday to help wonmen around the world.

Julie Lynn Bickham said:

We like to go out to dinner and have a drink, just sit back and relax!

Jackie said:

We like to go to dinner.
Thank you!

Megan said:

We'd go to a nice dinner and use the rest to pay down our credit cards (how romantic).

Mary Casper said:

just a quiet dinner by the fireplace

Julie Wood said:

I like to go out to dinner on date night, and come home and talk to my husband, have a glass of wine, maybe sit by the fire and talk until the early morning hours!

Norma said:

Dinner and a movie!!! This would be perfect for our date set in Feb! :)

Katie said:

Dinner and a Movie and use the rest to pay on the bills

Anonymous said:

the classic ..dinner and a movie

dan williams said:

twitted this

Brenda Gaines said:

dinner and drinks

PAIGE said:

Long lingering romantic dinner for date night. oooh la la

Vickie Bartlett said:

dinner and movie

Meaghan F. said:

We usually just do dinner and a movie, but we want to try and go to a museum or play soon.

Gina said:

I love to go to dinner and a movie.

Anonymous said:



traci smith said:

going out to dinner and having a great conversation, walking holding hands, laying my head on his shoulder at the movies with his arm around me

littleangel_mw said:

When we get the chance which isn't often, we go to a movie.

Lillian Loves Saving said:

Going out to dinner and a great movie is a wonderful date nite for us when we get the chance to do it.

Debra Guillen said:

I like to go out to dinner and a movie dguillen at kc dot rr dot com

Michelle S. said:

Dinner and a movie

Marcela said:

I'd buy the ingredients for the home cooked dinner I'm making for her and her gift

Betty2222 said:

Cook lasagna and garlic bread

The Green MomSter said:

Hubby and I just had a unique date night as his birthday gift. We took a couples cooking class which was such a great time!

elkmeese at gmail dot com

Penny Pinching Mama said:

Seafood dinner and a movie :)

Stacey said:

We usually go out to dinner and rent a movie.

1porkchop said:

On a first date I like to just go for a walk and drink coffee

Carrie B. said:

Outback Steakhouse and a movie tavern such as Alamo Draft House.

mahnrafjtb said:

My husband and I haven't been on a date in years. We use to go to dinner and then go where ever the night took us.
btjfarnham at yahoo dot com

Lim said:

Bowling in winter, mini-golf in summer.

Charity and John said:

We like dinner and a movie or game nights with friends.
Primabee at hotmail dot com

Kia89 said:

I like dinner and a movie.

Start To Finish Supplies said:

Dinner and drinks out on the town.

katie at coverbutton dot net

susie said:

We like to have a special dinner.


tamathamc said:

we are blessed to live by the beach so an awesome nite is dinner & a walk or drive along the beach.

joeybenavides said:

i like going out for dinner

Anonymous said:

Love to go out to dinner and movie,

Allison Downes said:

Dinner and a movie

Michelle said:

My husband and I like to go out to a nice restaurant and maybe for some drinks afterward.

Kristen said:

We like to go to see a show -- musicals are our favorite.

Crazylicious85 said:

We love to go bowling and out to eat.

crazylicious85 at suddenlink dot net
Allison Lancaster


PAFM1964 said:

Going the away for the weekend, dressing nice out for a romantic dinner and dessert.

chadro said:

go to a museum & a cafe


Trucker Kelvin said:

My wife and I love to go to Red Lobster, but have been unable to due to various reasons. Would Love to go there and take in a movie.

Jami said:

Time alone with my husband AND $300?! Wow! That would be amazing!

Tiffany said:

My hubby and I usually do dinner & a movie (as long as there's a movie out that we want to see)

Anonymous said:


jodi leah baird said:

we like to go out and shop for a bit,go eat have a drink and then a movie.dont get to do it much but when we do it is so great.

Haggatha said:

we like to go to dinner, and then a movie. sometimes I can even get in a mushy romantic movie.

finditforu said:

Well it has been a while but going out to dinner

lizskit said:

Romantic dinner at home.

Anonymous said:

take my honey out to a nice dinner

Maria Sanchez said:

Dinner and movie without our kids :)

sksweeps said:

date night? What's that? About the closest I get is when an old friend comes to town. We generally go to dinner.

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

beth said:

dinner and a movie

pris0914 said:

Movies then a romantic restraunt.

Dusica said:

Dinner and a movie, at home.

Jason Crooks said:

Dinner and a musical or play.

jenny said:

i go out and have dinner and then come home and see a movie

Sarah said:


MamaStace said:

My fav thing to do on a date night is go out to eat, and rent a movie to watch at home. I'd much rather watch a movie at home than in theaters. More relaxing and enjoyable


Janice Golden said:

dinner and a movie

jzagarjr said:

I usually go to dinner and a movie

The Real Mom said:

definitely dinner & a movie if we can afford it...otherwise we window shop & have dinner.
jeanlynd at att dot net

Brynn said:

I love dinner and a movie but usually at home.

Anonymous said:

Romantic Dinner, play some darts, dancing and karaoke! I love it all get the best of everything. Romantic, playful and spontenous! KarenLynn Austin

Anonymous said:

I do not have google or twitter account only fb but thanks for the wonderful giveaway! karenlynn austin

Anonymous said:

splurge on a weekend getaway!

Paula said:

Dinner is about as far as we get to go. BUT if I win this getting sitter for the night and going away for the night maybe two:)

kim minton said:

only have facebook too...thnks for awesome giveaway!!

Dennise said:

Well im classy, so i love to go out eat, and walk around or go see a movie.

clc408 said:

Dinner & a movie.

Anonymous said:

dinner and a movie

gatransfer said:

well, seeing that is is my Birthday on Valentine's Day, it would really be a blowout dinner and a concert night.

skipthelaundry said:

A movie really calms me!
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

Unknown said:

dinner and casino or a movie

Debbie Ellis said:

I would love to take my Husband to the Cheese Cake Factory for a great dinner for Valentines day.

Angela M said:

We usually go out for dinner and send our daughter for a sleepover at her grandparents.

Unknown said:

I actually like to give a gift of a spa and massage

Angela K. said:

Indian food!

Barb & Derek said:

thank you for doing this cash giveaway. I would actually take my husband on a weekend getaway.

cngjunk said:

rubber duckie!!!!

Homeinthetropic said:

I'm a single mom so i'll go on a dinner date with my kids

Rachel M said:

We like to go to the movies and dinner for regular nights out...on special occasions we like to go to a musical :)

Cheryl said:

dinner and a movie(with popcorn!)

Unknown said:

a nic dinner out with mt hubby and my son and future wife>>a great night out with close family and then maybe see a great band (friends of ours)

Unknown said:

Dinner - preferably fondue, if it's an extra special night - then out to a show!

Jennifer Dooley said:

as long as it's just me and hubby and NO children around. I consider that a date.

Anonymous said:

Dinner with great wines.

Anonymous said:

Actually we have never celebrated v-day with a date night!! it would be a first and we have been married for 6 years this February and been together for 10 years.. sad i know!! lol

Kim said:

We are semi empty nesters so We like to stay home and watch an old movie while eating dinner, usually take-out.

Anonymous said:

Dinner out! Lori Davis

JACLYN said:

A movie!

Phyllis said:

food and a movie.

Margaret said:

Dinner and a movie work for me!

Sarah said:

Dinner, Movie, something special for US!

Ais of Hearts said:

Dinner and a movie :)

Unknown said:

Since we live less than an hour from St Augustine, we would go spend the night at a bed & breakfast on the bay front.

Tammy Lacer said:

My hubby and I love to go out to eat then to a movie if there is one playing that we want to see or we rent a movie from Redbox and watch it together at home while kids are with Grandparents.

Anonymous said:

Dinner and salsa dancing! Woo Hoo!! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Victoria Reyna

erika Beard said:

We would take my mother in law out to a nice dinner because her birthday is on valentines day. :)

Unknown said:

I would take my wife out to dinner and then go home and watch a movie together. Then we would settle in for a romantic evening.

Kim Owens said:

Our typical night out is dinner and a movie, maybe the symphony. Would be nice to have the cash to do more!

Lavada Brewer said:

A favorite date night is maybe a stroll through the museum or going to the theater and then a nice quiet dinner. But I could be just as happy with a favorite dinner at home then curling up with a good movie.

Anonymous said:

We find a babysitter and go out to dinner and walk around either our favorite store or the mall. Kid free time is priceless when you hardly get it.

Miranda E. said:

On date night we usually do dinner and then dancing:)

Abby said:

We usually treat ourselves to a nice dinner out!

Nicole D'Antuono said:

My valentines day would be perfect with an expensive dinner and a movie (The Vow.

cowboyswife said:

candlelight dinner near

DeniseL said:

Dinner & live music

Melissa B. said:

We don't have a "typical" date night. My husband and I take turns picking every other week and so we have lots of different kinds of date nights.

caseyle2010 said:

i like going out to dinner with my boyfriend
caseyeve_003 at yahoo dot com

sweetsue said:

We like to go out for a nice dinner and a movie. In the summer we like to go for ice cream.
Susan Chester

Gina Mariaa said:

There is this awesome place called Past Tense in Michigan, its actually a huge craft and decor shop but they have it decorated for every holiday with a small place to get food next door, we love to go there and pick each other knick knacks. It brings out the playful side in us plus we get to enjoy delicious apple cider after!

Anonymous said:

dinner and watching a movie

Sherry said:

a leisurely dinner is tops

Jasmine Williams said:

Something fun and exciting like trying a new hobby!

Xandão said:

Cinema and <3

Allie said:

the last date we went on we went to shenanigans and had a blast riding go cart, playing laser tag, and putt putt golf

ashleywilliams said:

Usually the typical dinner and a movie thing.

Erie said:

A fancy dinner out or a homemade gourmet dinner we cook together

ajeep said:

i like to eat a special home-cooked meal then snuggle with my wife on the couch and watch a movie

Anonymous said:

I love going to dinner, then coming back home and cuddling on the couch to watch a movie.

Lindsay Hobbs

Unknown said:

I love a nice quiet dinner and then a movie at home :)

Minta's Creations said:

I would love to have a date night it's been sooooo long.

Couponmaster said:

My husband likes to go out to eat for a night out. Then we might go for a drive. This would be great to win. Thanks so much for this giveaway.
Deb Kovac - couponmaster11

ginny101 said:

my husband and I like to go out for a meal and then a movie

cjabdelnour said:

dinner and a movie. Cheryl

nene58 said:

well Valentines day is on a Tuesday here in New Zealand - so it won't be a late night .....
Have a yummy dinner of salad, cous cous and fish - go for a walk along Matheson Bay beach , watch the moon come up and snuggle .....

Anonymous said:

Go for wine and dine with my hubby

Wendy Merritt-Templeton said:

Kids go to grandma's & we go to the movies :)

Emmy Coffee said:

Dinner somewhere yummy so we can drink wine and catch up!

Anonymous said:

We don't have date nights :(

Anonymous said:

We like to make dinner together and then have a beer while watching one of our favorite shows.

Colleen M. said:

We like to make dinner together and then have a beer while watching one of our favorite shows.

Kimberley Meier said:

My husband and I like to go out to dinner & a movie!

Kimberley Meier
momof3chaos at yahoo dot com

fozzy331 said:

Our usual routine is to order a pizza and get a movie from redbox

Anonymous said:


nicole said:

High heels so I can kiss my extremely tall husband without the 'kissing' stool :)

Lisa said:

We go to the movies and out to dinner


Anonymous said:

On the last one my hubby suprised me with a romantic picnic.

Sherri G. (@WinneratLife) said:

We don't seem to get a true date night more than once a month (and sometimes every other month), so we try to make it special by going to a really nice, romantic restaurant. Most of the time we end up back at home after that, but sometimes we go to a movie or somewhere to listen to live music.

Terri. said:

Go to dinner...

Lindsay said:

We are a long-distance couple, so we play video games on our date nights!

Crystal said:

My boyfriend is in a band and i would love to see him play live on Valentine's Day!!

lot said:

My hubby and I love to go out for dinner and a movie. 300 bucks would go a looong way!

Christen R. said:

We love the standard dinner & a movie! With $300, we can go to the Melting Pot!!! ;)

jenni thompson said:

not that we get to often- go out for dinner and see a movie ( we have to go out of town for this) with $300 i could pay for food, petrol, movie and a babysitter for my 2 under 2.

Marianna said:

a nice dinner out

Anonymous said:



Unknown said:

Love dinner and movies!

Jamie said:

I love to go to dinner and a movie with my hubby.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

I love when my husband and I go on a romantic dinner together.

lilerthmom said:

hubby passed will go to red lobster with best friend, share the love

Angel Jacklyn said:


amramazon280 said:


Unknown said:

We order in and watch tv :) with 3 little ones and no babysitter in our town we make it work.

A.May said:

we are saving for a down payment on a house so we will stay at home for valentines day and if we win, we will put this towards our down payment as well

Anonymous said:

nice dinner out. we are on a tight budget and dont get to do date nights.

Anonymous said:

Our typical date night would be dinner and ice cream. =)

Anabella said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anabella said:

Dinner, movie and ice cream!

Erica C. said:

We like to go to a favorite restaurant of ours.

Anonymous said:

Date night is normally dinner and maybe listening to live music or dancing.

Deborah Hogue said:

Haven't had a date night in years but my idea of a date night would be a nice dinner with dancing afterward. Maybe a movie if the night was still young

Anonymous said:

Date night is getting out of the house for a nice dinner and maybe a movie afterwards.

RBM said:

We love to go to dinner and cinema.
ro20del at

Anonymous said:

Dinner at a piano bar and dancing. =)

steven d cox said:

We enjoy taking another couple along for a movie and some great food.

Anonymous said:

Dinner,movie and i have to shop to,hubby is used to it now ! Ashley W wildsashley at

Kerri Ann said:

Going to an observatory or play and then dinner!

Mia J. said:

dinner and a movie...maybe gambling at the casino.

couponwench27 said:


Anonymous said:

Nachos at our favorite sports bar!
jdcutler429 at
Jill C.

AJ said:

Movie and dinner at home.
iheartcoupons4 at

Anonymous said:

dinner and a movie!



Anonymous said:

dinner and a movie

Jen said:

Dinner and a movie

channallocks said:

movie, dinner , maybe food shopping

Emilia said:

A date night includes a movie and dinner in a new place we've never tried before, but nothing fancy, the more casual the better.

Anonymous said:


Unknown said:

We love to go out for dinner and dessert.

Unknown said:


Michaela R said:

Dinner and a Movie.

spirit_kim said:

Dinner the usual.

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