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My husband travels a lot for work, in which we are very fortunate for as this allows us to accumulate hotel and reward points throughout the year so we can save it towards a family trip.  My husband is a last minute packer while I'm the compete opposite and start packing days ahead.  Gone are the days of traveling with two carryons.  With two kids we can never seem to leave the house without packing an SUV trunk full of stuff.  So packing for a plane trip stresses me out as I cannot fit an SUV into two suitcases and so requires packing only the neccesities or some creative packing is involved. offers these 3-piece set packing cubes that are designed to organize clothes in your suitcase, while keeping everything neatly folded or rolled without creases.  With new airline security measures in place, these should help during checkpoint searches as the agents will be able to see clearly through the mesh what's being packed during inspection.  With 3 cubes I can pack one for each child and the other large one for me.  Hubby packs last minute so he gets his own suitcase and all the shoes and makeup go in there : )

For my husbands trips these packing bags are great for his shirts and pants so he won't have to pull out the iron in the hotel room once he gets to his destination.

The price for the packing cubes on is only $29.99 + shipping!  There is a 30% sale till 1/2 which takes it down to only $20.99 + shipping.  There are 5 new colors (peony, tangerine, canary, aquamarine, eggplant) which will add color to your travels.  Grab yours now as thats a great price!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are of my own, others may vary. 

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