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MediFlow Waterbase Pillow Review And Giveaway!

My hubby recently pulled his shoulder and back and has been seeing a chiropractor.  In addition to the chiropractic sessions, the chiropractor recommended several therapeutic products.  Luckily my husband just signed up for the sessions only as not long after I was given the opportunity to review a MediFlow Waterbase Pillow. 
The MediFlow Waterbase Pillow is similar to a waterbed in that you actually fill it with water.  I've never been on a water bed but my sister-in-law swears by her water bed so I was excited to try out the pillow and of course give it to my husband ; )   The pillow comes with a screw on adapter which allows you to fill the pillow easily to your choice of support, soft, medium or firm.  The top layer of the pillow consists of a soft hypoallergenic polyester filling and pillow cover is 100% cotton so it feels like a regular pillow but then the water in the base allows your neck to be cradled in the perfect position and offers ultimate support which aids in both better sleep and less neck pain.  The pillow is also machine washable too which is a great feature for longevity.

We loved the MediFlow Waterbase Pillow, my husband now enjoys a good night sleep and I can too as there is less tossing and turning and its also helps with the snoring too!  You know that this product is a winner as Amazon shows 478 reviews with an average of 4 out of 5!  Now I need one for myself and a water bed : )  With a retail price around $39.99 its money well spent.

You can buy a pillow ONLINE from numerous retailers, including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Overstock.

Thanks to MediFlow (1) Freebie Junkie reader will win their own MediFlow Waterbase Pillow.  To enter simply fill out the rafflecopter form below.

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Disclosure: Mediflow kindly offered a sample product for the purpose of our review and host a giveaway in exchange for our honest opinions.  All other opinions may vary.

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DealiriousMama said:

I could definitely use this pillow. I have early arthritis, so this would be great to try!
childrenteachingmama at gmail dot com

GoodnessGraces said:

I would. My husband already has a good pillow. I need one.

jodi lasher said:

I would like it for myself.. I have alot of back and neck pain due to scoliosis...

Julie Lynn Bickham said:

I would benefit from this pillow. I wake up most days with a sore and stiff neck.

pauleyjr said:

I would definitely benefit from this pillow. I have neck injuries and this would be wonderful to help with the discomfort while sleeping.

Anonymous said:

ty 4 the giveaways Lacey Murry Blesz

Anonymous said:

I would benefit!
radeeolover at yahoo dot com

jbmthill said:

I would benefit. I toss and turn every night, I have a sore neck from my 40hr week desk job, and then I sit at my computer at home at night. I would LOVE to try this pillow!

Sylvia said:

I would be the one to benefit

Unknown said:

My husband would benefit from the pillow. His neck is all out of whack and he has been to the chiropractors who said that he need to try a new pillow.

Anonymous said:

We have one already that everyone fights over, we need one more to keep the peace!

Mare/TommyGirl said:

I would benefit from it, though my sister would probably try to steal it.

Anonymous said:

my hubby would
tcogbill at live dot com

ThePixieSprinkles said:

My husband would love this pillow!

Thanks! =)

alena said:

I would benefit from this pillow. I wake up most days with a sore and stiff neck.

Teresa said:

I would give it to my husband or daughter.

Erin said:

I definitely could use a new pillow, and this would be great!

Stephanie said:

I would benefit from this pillow, this morning, I woke up with a crick in my neck. =(

Regina said:

This pillow helped take away most of my neck pain in the morning. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Julia said:

My husband would benefit the most if I'm willing to share it with him!

pduthoy said:

My wife and I would both benefit from it. Thanks.

Anonymous said:

i think my mother in law would benefit the most since she suffers from multiple neck and back problems.

Jill H

Anonymous said:

I would love this because of neck pain. Can't seem to find a pillow that helps and I think this would.

MamaStace said:

my hubby would benefit. he's been having lots of back & neck pains lately, probably related to his work since he does a lot of hard labor


Rachelle J said:

My husband would greatly benefit from this pillow! thanks for the giveaway!!

Andrea said:

I would benefit from this pillow and hopefully wake up with no aches or pains!

aperry said:


Azslyn said:

my husband needs more support he uses several pillows for support and i think he would love this and he has severe back problems so he would definately benefit from this pillow =}

Anonymous said:

This is just what I have been looking for.

Anonymous said:

I'd love to try this pillow, I've had frozen shoulder in both shoulders so anything that might help me sleep would be wonderful.

Unknown said:

My doctor suggested I buy a pillow similar to this so this would be a great way for me to try it out! Thanks for the chance!

TheVegan said:

Definitely my Mom.She has had a stroke, so it's hard for her to get comfortable when she sleeps.

Janette said:

I would benefit from this pillow since I don't sleep good most of the time.

eclairre said:

I would benefit from this pillow.

Melissa Shirley said:

Me myself and I

Mom Knows Best said:

I need this pillow

Anonymous said:

I love my waterbase pillow, my son kept trying to steal it so I had to get him one too..I will never give up my mediflow pillow, now I need another one for my husband.. ;-)

2rose4u said:

I could definitely use this pillow, but I would share it with hubby.

Anonymous said:

I have a water floatation bed and still had trouble with back pain almost every morning. My girlfriend told me about her mediflow pillow and swore by it. I bought one online and almost instantly, my back pain disappeared. What is odd to me is that I used to have to sleep with a minimum of two pillows to keep my head elevated, and now I use ONLY the mediflow pillow and am completely comfortable. I only purchased one of the pillows to "try" it out, and did not get one for my hubby. I'd love to have one for every person in my house, but my hubby would benefit the most for sure! I know it would cure his chronic backaches!

The Minister's Wife said:

I would definitely benefit the most. I have a horrible time sleeping and often get migraines. This pillow would help immensely!

Becky Davis said:

I would benefit from the pillow because I have arthritis in my neck.
bdavisnc at gmail dot com

lisa said:

I would...I have a really bad neck problems..=(
lmkay630 at gmail dot com

Rose said:

I'd love it! It would hel me fight the insommia

Anonymous said:

i could really use this cause i have bad back and bones and my neck constantly hyurts my name is elizabeth wilson

Nicole D'Antuono said:

That would be perect for me, I have back problems.

MemomMon said:

This sounds amazing! My husband has a lot of back problems and a good pillow is so hard to find for him. This would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win it!

debijackson said:

ooh hubby would gfc debijackson others debbie jackson

jenrenh said:

I would benefit from it. I can never get comfortable on the pillows we have.

Anonymous said:

I would love one of these!

Anonymous said:

I would love to win one of these for myself! I always complain about my pillows! haha Would love to try this!! :) Thanks for the chance.

Carrie Phelps said:

Definitely ... ME!!!

Anonymous said:

I would love to try this pillow, I don't sleep good at night and sometimes wake up with a sore neck.

linnylou6603 said:

I think most people would benefit from this pillow. My husband & I both have neck & back problems, I am sure we would benefit from them!

Kitten said:

I would. I was in an accident at work were 2 tons of shampoo fell on me and maybe this will help with the shoulder pain.

vebbae at

Brynn said:

I want this pillow for me! I have a bad neck and this one would be so great for me! :)

Emillie Rose said:

I would majorly benefit from this pillow!!

valerie said:

Me, because I have a neck injury that tends to seize up after sleeping.

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