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Mom Blogger Leads: MySavings affiliate

MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

As a blogger I've spent long hours attached to my computer sharing freebies and deals upon freebies and deals.  I do this because I'm so excited for the freebie or deal that I've found online but there is another part of me where I would like to be compensated for my time.  I blog after hours i.e. after kids go to bed but still it does take away time from my household chores and me and hubby time but I do enjoy it especially when I come home to a doorstep full of free products.  But there is nothing better than a check in the mail or a payment in my paypal account.

Mysavings offers bloggers the opportunity to make a little cash with their affiliate program.  For bloggers who love posting a good deal the mysavings affiliate is definetely for you as there are campaigns for all the favorite sites like, redplum, coupon network etc..  While the affiliate program won't allow you to give up your day job it is nice to see the check in the mail every month!
Sign up and make some cash while blogging with Mysavings
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Anonymous said:

I just want to thank you for posting these. I have started blogging again and have been trying to find other places to offer product testing, etc; and this has been very helpful.
Thank you again!

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