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Mom Blogger Leads: Purex Insider

As a blogger I get to sample a wide variety of fun family orientated products.  I enjoy sharing my reviews and even more so offer a giveaway to my readers.  For my readers who blog too or for those who would love to start blogging I'll be offering up some great blogging activities. Keep a watch out for these posts.

I'm a Purex Insider for nearly a year now and I love being part of this group.  I've been offered several campaigns which entailed a full size new product review and often a free coupon giveaway to my readers.  There is even a blogger website where we can access new campaigns, meet fellow Purex Insiders and grab information.  There is no compensation involve just honest review and giveaways.

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bedrokc mom said:

I tried Pure for the first time,and I love the smell.I had no idea it would take grass stains out my sons jeans.

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