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Mom was great

Mom was great
Content by Donny Vinson

My mom was really instrumental in our big move.  Buying this house was a huge deal for us because neither my husband or myself had ever owned property but mom’s a Realtor and she helped us find the perfect place and get the price down to a level we could afford. I think it’s so much fun to come home and know it’s OUR house and no one else’s and I’ve been working hard to get it decorated and get all the extras set up. The other day I went to which was great because I figured out which TV option to go with and I’m getting satellite for my husband as a surprise. We’re kind of house poor right now so we don’t have tons of extra cash but it’s going to be nice to give him something he’s really missed which is all of his sports channels. We’re in this together, he and I, and it’s so much fun knowing we’re starting our lives together this way!

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