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The Money Saving Mom®'s Budget Book is on sale TODAY 1/10 (Review & Giveaway)

I've been a deal seeker for as long as I can remember. 
My Mom was and still is an avid deal seeker, couponer and collector of freebies and so this trait has been passed on inherently and experienced throughout my childhood.  The reason for my Mom's deal seeking activities was not for fun or as a hobby but as a necessity because our household of 4 were living off one chef's paycheck. 

My husband and I are very blessed in all aspects of our lives yet I still get comments from others "why do you need to coupon, you can afford it?".  I do it because I can!  Why pay full price when you don't have to?  I enjoy blogging about freebies, deals and giveaways here at the Freebie Junkie, however, my blog only covers a fraction of the activites that I could be doing to save money.  Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom is one of the top 3 blogs that I read on a daily basis.  Crystal is a homeschooling mother of 3 young children and finds time to put together a compelling blog about her money saving ways.  Her writing and activites are an inspiration to others.  Not only does she follow Dave Ramsey and pay cash for everything but her family financial goals are set high to allow her to pay cash for big ticket items such as a HOUSE.  On top of her already busy schedule she also puts together a weekly menu with recipes, reading list and financial information on her blog.

And now Crystal has put on her list of achievements: A BOOK!  Crystal was offered a book deal last year and her new book "The Money Saving Mom's Budget" just launched TODAY!  I received a copy of the book for review and started to read it as soon as the mailman dropped it off in my mailbox.

This book provides you with all that you need to lower your spending or pay down your debt and maybe even save you thousands.  Its not a quick get rich manual rather documents everything you already know in one shape or form but didn't put two and two together.  Crystal starts with her 7 rules for financial success and breaks down these rules which can be achieved in just 12 months!  Rule # 1 "Break down a big goal into small achievable pieces" but we don't do that - we all see the $500 Credit card bill and cry.  Being a couponer means I'm a clutterbug!  I have things everywhere - rule #2 is "Streamline your life and cut clutter".  Again, break down the goal and create a priority list with set dates.  Each rule makes total sense with a "I know that already".  There's something for everyone, from 10 ways to earn an extra $100 per month, to 10 tips for having a successful garage sale.  If you never pay full price for anything, you'll sure love the book!  if you do pay full price then this book will sure help you break that habit!

If you didn't already think Crystal was already super Mom read up at Money Saving Mom on how she donated all the book proceeds to charity!  Buy the book at and also preview the book before buying!

Crystal has generously offered (5) readers 1 copy of her The Money Saving Mom's Budget book!  Simply enter to win through the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided the review and giveaway campaign in exchange for my honest opinion.  All other opinions may vary.

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Anonymous said:

I would love this book to help me stay on budget every month! angeladlambert at gmail

jessiiculp said:

I love some of the online deals that are available, like free Kindle books through amazon. I love to read so that is a great one for me!

alena said:

I would love to have this book to help me stay on track trying stay on budget

Tammy said:

My challenge is feeding 7 kids healthy with lots of choices on a budget. I would love to know her secret!

A Family Photography said:

I would love this book to help me create a better budget, stay on track, and learn how to save money!!

Anonymous said:

We are buying a home this year and i want to learn how to budget and learn how to save any way we can!!

Andrea Southworth said:

I would love for this book to help me create and maintain a reasonable budget for my growing family!

Heather G. said:

I would love to learn more budget stretching tips!

Emily said:

I would *love* to win a copy of Crystal's book. It would definitely help me as we're getting ready to become a one income family

lisan850 said:

I use a blend of coupons, sales, and being efficient with resources. This book will help to pull it all together.

Anonymous said:

I love using the cash envelope system...keeps us on budget for groceries and dining out :)

Wendi S.

Jo Ann said:

I only go grocery shopping twice a month. Staying out of the stores saves me money. And the menu planning that requires keeps me from eating out at restaurants as much!

Monica said:

We buy Target up and up diapers instead to name brands to save us quite a bit of money since we have to use so many diapers. Plus they are just better. WE also use coupons when we can. :-)

Beth.vG said:

Bringing my lunch to work!

Heather said:

My favorite money saving activity is using coupons and doing my budget.

Cassie said:

This would be an awesome kick to start the new year off right!

Ang said:

I love the freebies and the coupons most. angfaireyc at hotmail dot com.

Hannah said:

Coupons! :)

Anonymous said:

As a single mom, I need all the help I can get! This book would be a big help in getting me started in the right direction!

jessica said:

My favorite money saving activity is budgeting and revolving my meal plans around sale items.

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Tara G said:

I love to use coupons! it seems to be one of the easiest ways to lower your grocery bill.

Kit said:

My favorite money saving activity is setting a budget.

Rachel said:

I enjoy meal planning!

Abby said:

I would love to win a copy of this book!

Joel Engelsma said:

Would love to win Crystal's book!

Melanie said:

I love to track spending/saving and progress on a goal! :)


Anonymous said:

I love learning new strategies for saving money

Courtney said:

I would love to win this book!

Tomato Mama and Duck Mama said:

I love coupon-ing. I work at a grocery store so I get to see what good deals people come up with and copy them!

Anonymous said:

Need this!

Anonymous said:

So wanting to read this!

Anonymous said:

I have been looking forward to getting this book! One of my favorite things to save money is couponing. Thanks!

Anonymous said:

Just watched most of Crystal's 31 Days to Savings videos today! Would love to read her book, I'm fairly new to couponing.

Lynn M said:

i would like to win!

Mandy said:

We use the cash envelope system - helps us not spend money frivolously.

goldfuss1 [at] frontier [dot] com

deborah said:

I use coupons and do things like using cloth napkins and using a clothesline and doing our own haircuts most of the time.

Anonymous said:

i'd love to learn how to get on a budget and stick to it!

TheVegan said:

Using coupons, and buying things online when on sale and with a promo code.

Anonymous said:

I would love to win one of her books. Thanks.

Lauren @ten23designs said:

MY favorite money saving activity would be earning / redeeming points. I love that I am still able to have things I "want" without having to add the expense into our finances.

mommagurl32 said:

I would love to win this giveaway!

Kendal said:

I want to win this book!

Rachel said:

Groupon has gotten me some amazing deals!

Anonymous said:

thanks for the giveaway! I love Crystal's blog!

thekroesches said:

I love Crystal's blog and would love a copy of her book.

SPKarenO said:

I'd love to get my hands on a free copy of this!

Dana said:

I can't wait to read this!

Answeredprayr said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Answeredprayr said:

I would love to win this book. I work very hard to shop by comparison, would love new ideas.

Anonymous said:

This is right up my alley according to what we are trying to do as a family financially! Working our way out of debt and learning to live great financial principles on a consistent basis. I would love to sit down with a cup of tea and study her wisdom :-) sarah -

Lynette said:

Would love to win--thanks!

Anonymous said:

My favorite saving activity is couponing as well as cooking from scratch!

Anonymous said:

excited about reading this, would love to win
karen b

Kristine said:

We try really hard to never impulse buy. We almost always regret it later.

Heather said:

My favorite money saving activity is the drugstore game! What a rush!

Shonda said:

My favorite money saving activity is to eat at home.

Melissa B said:

I like daily deals on email, but probably my other activities -vegetable garden, consigning kids clothes and buying used kids clothes save more $

Mandy Germain said:

My favorite money saving activity is couponing. Next is reusing or repurposing things.

Merrilee Stevenson said:

My favorite money saving activity is watching movies at home with my hubby.

Anonymous said:

I want to be able to start saving more to help with our future..

Stephanie said:

My favorites are daily deals because they are online and I don't have to go anywhere, lol.

Anonymous said:


Raising Z and Lil C said:

We are currently doing a Dave RAmsey total money makeover and this book would be such a nice addition to our efforts. We are hoping to be debt free by June!

GoodnessGraces said:

Coupons are my favorite money saving method. They are surprisingly easy to use.

Arielle Hadfield said:

I would love a copy of this book!

Randall and Rachel Beita said:

Coupons are my favorite but I would like to pair them with sales and really be able to save!

Unknown said:

I use coupons to save money!

Anonymous said:

shlmor7(at)aol(dot)com i would love to win this book

Anonymous said:

I love making my own cleaners & laundry soap - that's one way we save money in our home!

Anonymous said:

Thanks so kindly for having such a great giveaway.

Anonymous said:

I buy used instead of new - saves a lot!

The Moody Chiperno's said:

we are really trying to SAVE more this year! always looking for new and better ways to do so! right now i am a big online shopping junkie- i love to save and use sites like and

Jessica Snook said:

My favorite is winning what I can't afford ;) Second to that is using different websites to find coupon codes.

Anonymous said:

I would love to read this book.

Kel said:

Always check out Groupons for your city and surrounding ones to find great deals.

Jo said:

looking forward to reading her book!

Katrina said:

Love couponing. It's like an addiction.

Unknown said:

Please enter me into your giveaway, I would love to read this book - thanks

Anonymous said:

Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. A few years back, I took a different position within my company when a family member was diagnosed with cancer, so that I could be home and not travel. It was a 50% paycut but it was the right thing for my family. Six months later my husband left and I had to do some very fast adjusting, especially financially. I'm still learning and pulling myself out of this pit. I welcome all the advice and tips I can find.

Cassie said:

I am trying to cut back on how much I look at deals in general. You don't buy it if you don't know it's on sale. Then when I actually need an item, I will seek out a sale. Too often I am tempted to buy something I would like to have but don't need just because it is a good deal. Later, I wish I wouldn't have even bought it!

Stacey Pittsinger said:

A book on budgeting would be so great! I'm just beginning and have so much to learn.

Anonymous said:

Can't wait to read this book!

Katie said:

I like using daily deal sites great savings

Jennifer said:

Favorite? I don't like clipping coupons, but I like the savings I get!

Tenielle S said:

I use coupons!
tkmcorbin at hotmail dot com

virginia geist said:

I use coupons and shop at thirft stores

M said:

I use coupons, shop 2nd hand and consignment for my kids clothes and toys and would love this book

melissa p said:

I love using coupons for things I buy everyday anyways! Garage sales are awesome for kids clothes!

Jessica Tillett said:

I love to shop store sales with coupons.

Anonymous said:

I would love a copy of the book to help my family tighten our budget.

maria145 said:

I never pay full price for anything. I only buy items that are on sale and usually I have a coupon for too!

Country Girl in the City said:

I would love to win!

Anonymous said:

ANY good advice I can get my hands on to save money is valuable to me. I would love and use a copy of this book as I already use some of Crystal's advice on MSM. Thanks!

Deal Bunny said:

we save money by doing the cash envelope system (

kristin said:

I loooove deal saving sites, I check them every day. :)

Deanna said:

I love coupons!

monicaandrew said:

we love to thrift shop to save money. :-)

shellygoguen said:

Simple enough, but my favorite money saving tip is to always, always use coupons!

debbie said:

I love to coupon!

Kevin said:

I'd love to win a copy

Joy said:

I love shopping after-holiday sales and clearance aisles to save money!!

Anonymous said:

My favorite money-saving activity is to have Swagbucks TV running in the background while I'm on the computer racking up Swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards that I can buy things with instead of using cash.

corey1971 said:

Mine is to use coupons and sales whenever possible.

texastreetops said:

I really need to win this book to get on the rigt track of saving money now that I am not working. This book would help.

Lisagi said:

I use coupons and FB pages to help me find deals. :)

Cassandra Holdeman said:

I use coupons and we are going back to the envelope system so I have to have cash if I want to buy.

Anonymous said:

Coupons and sales the only way I shop. Love your Blog, for lots of info.

Cheryl said:

I use coupons.

burnettecritz said:

I don't have just 1 way to save. I love coupons, I look for sales and my husband and I drop our change in a jar at the end of the day that I roll at intervals and we put away until the end of the year. Last year we had enough to pay property taxes!

Anonymous said:

I coupon and buy things on sale about a year in advance when there is a major sale. Shannon thebeckscr @ yahoo

Anonymous said:

Hi I would live this book. Need to learn how to budget things better!

makeetis said:

My favorite is clearance isles when going shopping. Love using coupons though I haven't really saved much with them yet.

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