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PediaCare & Little Remedies New Dosing Features: Review & Giveaway

Acetaminophen is one of the most commonly used pain reliever for adults and also for infants and children especially as a fever reliever.  Acetaminophen is safe and effective when used as directed.  Dosing can be misinterpreted by parents especially by new parents who are in a hurry to dose with a sick child.  Now dosing has been made even easier for parents and safer for children.  PediaCare® offer additional product enhancements, including age-appropriate dosing devices.

Infant products will now contain a special dosing syringe and flow restrictors on the bottles. 

Children’s products, for ages 2 to 11 years, will have the bottles with flow restrictors, and continue to contain dosing cups. Both infant and children’s formulations will continue to have weight-based instructions on the package, as well.  I really like the flow restrictors, there will no longer be any overflow of product.

While the new single-concentration for PediaCare infants’ and children’s acetaminophen products are among the first to hit store shelves, you should know that there will be a "transition period" during which the existing infant products and the new acetaminophen infant PediaCare® products may be on store shelves at the same time.  Differences may occur between the new and existing products - the new infants’ formula is less concentrated and the dose is therefore more than in the older infant formulation.   And while reading and following package directions is always recommended to obtain accurate dosing instructions, it will be important, while the two concentrations are available, to select the dose that is proper for the specific product version that is being given. Parents and caregivers should ask a healthcare professional if they have any questions.

Check out this Educational Video, where Dr. Jim Sears discusses the changes to single-concentration Acetaminophen Brands with new dosing features.

Product Features for the PediaCare and Little Remedies Products
 PediaCare® Infants Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever      
For ages 0-36 months     
New special dosing syringe and flow restrictor bottles      
Dye free Cherry    
 New bubble gum flavor as well as cherry and grape      
Weight and age-based dosing instructions on package
 Suggested retail price for a 2-ounce liquid bottle is $6.99     

PediaCare® Children's Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever
For ages 2 -11
 Flow restrictor bottle and dosing cup
 Dye free Cherry
Cherry or grape flavors
Weight and age-based dosing instructions on package
Suggested retail price for a 4-ounce liquid bottle is $7.59

Check out the PediaCARE "Get back to Happy" Sweepstakes where you can enter to win a a trip to The Great Wolf Lodge Resort and a PediaCare "Get Back to Happy" Family Pack. 

(1) lucky reader will win a PediaCare Acetaminophen Infant & Childrens Liquid product.  To be in the chance to win simply enter through the rafflcopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Thank you to PediaCare and The Family Review Network for the review and giveaway campaign in order to solicit my honest opinion.  All other's opinions may vary.

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Danielle Davis/Grady said:

I make sure my kids keep their hands washed & i go thru a lot of Lysol! Lol

Michelle White said:

We wash hands, take vitamins and eat healthy. We also make sure our vaccs and flu shots are up to date as well.
Michelle W.

Cheryl said:

We wash our hands a lot!! We also don't go out and about nearly as much as in the summer.

Mom Knows Best said:

wash our hands

lisa said:

we keep hand sanitizer everywhere

Candi Brazeal said:

Hand washing, humidifiers at night, and I don't let strangers touch my kids. Actually I don't let anyone touch my kids unless they wash their hands first.

Anonymous said:

Lots of hand washing!

Kelly Skibbe said:

Hand washing and sanitzers!

Allysonortiz said:

Hand Sanitizer

GoodnessGraces said:

Hand Washing is the best prevention

Michele P. said:

hand washing, and hand sanitizer for sure.

latanya t said:

wash our hands

Charity and John said:

We take a multi vitamin each day.

April G said:

Well, apparently I don't do that great a job because all three of my kids have nasty colds right now, but we wash our hands a lot and try to avoided crowded, indoor places like the mall during the worst of flu season.

Jan Messali said:

We stay healthy by washing our hands constantly. I also wipe the doorknobs, phones, etc. with antibacterial wipes frequently.

Michelle Parrinello said:

We stay healthy by washing our hands before and after meals and after being outside. I also use lysol wipes in the house.

Lauren said:

We wash our hands a lot and use germ x when out!

Michaella said:

Well first off No flu shot. Get sick when we get them. We stay active workout almost every day. We eat good food, take vitamin and supplements. Don't worry to much being around sick people because they are contagis a week or two befor. Plus your body gets immune to some thing if your around it. No chicken p parties though lol.

Toystory said:

I try to get vitamins in them every day. Plus I try to make sure they understand that they should not share things with kids that are ill --
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