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EcoStore USA Body Wash and Baby Moisturizer review

Its disturbing how diseases are on the up and up and no one contributing factor can be assigned to each illness.  I'm sure with the fast paced lives we all lead, fast foods, on the go and long lasting products are a contributing factor mixed in with environmental hazards and global warming.  I wouldn't say I was completely green or organic but I am aware and do try to provide fresh home cooked foods and engage in organic gardening during the summer.  I have sensitive and dry skin and my children have inherited this trait so body and facial products have to be allergenic free and free of fragrances.  While its annoying to have sensitive and dry skin it does have its hidden benefits i.e. no nasty chemicals are allowed on our skin.  I'm always on the lookout for new products and was excited to be given the opportunity to review EcoStore USA products.

EcoStore USA creates a range of plant and mineral based cleaning products without dangerous and toxic chemicals.  In addition they produce a line of Bath and Body, baby and even pet products.  They strive to bring the most natural products that they can without the use of unnecessary or unsafe chemicals.

We reviewed the following products:


My initial thoughts upon receiving these items were these are no frill packaging!  I must admit I'm conditioned now to expect fancy bright packaging but we have to remember to think about the inside.  Beauty lies within the beholder.  The body wash fragrance while midly fragrant was pleasant and as described on the bottle does a goob job in leaving my skin feeling soft and silky.  Most of the time I lean towards baby products for my own skin so the aromatherapy baby moisturizer is nice to put on before bed and after a shower.  Its pretty relaxing and soon puts you in a good mood to sleep.  I loved moisturing my kids up as babies right after bed as the aromatherapy products would put them in a deep sleep soon after leaving me to a restful night. 

Once EcoStoreUSA reaches 10,000 fans on facebook they will giveaway a years free products to 3 Winners!  PLUS enter the  Be a winner and go like them here.  They are sooo close to 10,000.
YOU BREAK UP and WE’LL MAKE UP Valentine’s Day Contest that is posted on their facebook wall.

Disclosure: Thank you to EcoStoreUSA for the review products, all opinions were of my own, others may vary.

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