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Milk & Truffle GHIRARDELLI SQUARES® review

Having being born and raised in England and moving to the US a few years ago I have now a much greater appreciation of things that I grew up with.  While most of America speaks the same language there are many differences from the food, clothing style and culture.  One of the big differences for me is the quality of chocolate.  I'm afraid that the quality of chocolate back in England is far superior.  The cocoa content is much higher and there is more fat and far less sugar involved in the process.  Whenever we head to England on vacation I'm always stashing chocolate in my suitcase and my friends know to bring me some when they come visit.

However, there are some American brands which are in the same league as my UK favorites.  Ghirardelli chocolate is synonymous with premium chocolate here in the US and if you've ever been to San Francisco you've probably tasted the decadence there.  Ghirardelli has a new line of Milk & Truffle squares which consists of creamy milk chocolate and decadent chocolate truffle center.  We were sent some samples for review and I quickly packed this bag away in the pantry all for myself.  Chocolate is my indulgence and each square was savored slowly.

The Milk & Truffle GHIRARDELLI SQUARES® are available in the 4.63oz per bag
at Target and Walgreen's stores.  Go grab yours soon....

Disclosure:  I received a free sample of Milk and truffle Ghirardelli squares from She Speaks! All opinions are my own, others opinions may vary!

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