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Plan a Cheap Family Getaway to rid the Winter Blues

The New Year is usually an anti climax as it means bills, winter blues, back to school, back to work etc..  By February its pretty much depressing especially since the darn hog says its 6 more weeks of winter - and he was right because we had snow twice this week and it registered 25F in my car today!
Start looking for a cheap holiday to turn that gloomy outlook into a sunny one!  We have a trip to England planned this summer and offers from friends for us to visit them in Florida.  The best kind of vacation for us is when we visit family or friends as that means free accomodation.  That cuts the bill right down just that alone. Plus with my family they love to cook for us so that cuts out the meal bills.  We just need to pay for flights and sightseeing money and of course souvenirs. If you know you are headed somewhere touristy such as DisneyWorld then consider snatching up bargains at before going to save yourself a few bucks!  Every little helps!

Even weekend getaways can brighten a gloomy winter.  I found some great weekend getaways for hubby and I to Atlantic City and the Poconos through the various daily deal sites that I subscribe to.  There is so many to choose from and many are kid friendly!

How are you coping with the winter blues?

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