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Purex Triple Action Detergent Free Coupon #Giveaway (3 Winners)

Read my review of the new Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent
Go try some today, in my opinion its a great price for the one of the best detergents out there.

You can check out all the latest Purex products via the web as well as get updates on Facebook and Twitter

(3) Lucky Freebie Junkie Winners will each win a Coupon to be redeemed for a free Purex Triple Action laundry detergent.  Simply enter to win through the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was provided a free coupons of Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent in exchange for a giveaway and my honest review.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are of my own, others opinions may vary.


RealtorSD said:

no, i don't love doing laundry but I love when it's all done :)
sarah at

Andrea Anderson said:

I don't love to do laundry, but I do love having clean clothes so it gets done whether I like it or not. lol. :)

Jackie said:

I don't mind doing laundry

Unknown said:

I don't mind doing the laundry but I loathe putting it away.

shel704 at aol dot com (Michelle H.)

Unknown said:

I don't mind doing the laundry, but I am so lucky, my husband does most of the laundry.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Carmen said:

I don't love the work behind it, but I love the smell of laundry soap and how my clothes smell after they get out of the washer.

Lori said:

I don't mind doing laundry especially with a really nice, fresh scent!

jodi lasher said:

I do not mind doing laundry, i hate folding it lol

Christine Baird said:

Love clean laundry--hate having to do it!

Ariel said:

I don't mind doing laundry, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Julie Wood said:

I do not like to do laundry!

Lauren said:

It doesn't bother me but I don't love it!

karen H said:

its better than doing dishes

jessica said:

i dont mind doing laundry!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

I don't mind it, but I do not like putting it away!
radeeolover at yahoo dot com

JC said:

I don't mind as long as I don't need to fold them afterwards.

Tamara B. said:

I do not mind doing laundry but really can't stand to do the whites all of those darn socks.

Kim said:

No. Raised 5 children and did daycare. It is so nice to only average 3 loads a week compared to 8 or 9 a week.

Anonymous said:

No not at all!

Anonymous said:

sorry no not at all was from

themillwood4 at yahoo dot com...thanks!

Grandma to Twins + One said:

I don't mind doing the laundry; however, I HATE putting it up!!


slehan said:

Thanks for the contest.

Amy Orvin said:

I love doing laundry.

Amy Orvin said:

GFC as Amy Orvin

Gail Gray said:

I love some parts of doing laundry. Somehow, it's the folding that gets me down. :)

Erin said:

I don't mind doing laundry. But I hate putting it all away!

Helen said:

not really but I guess you got to

Sarah MomE25 said:

I have five kids. Just a quick thought or glance at the Laundry "mountain" Is the best birth control reminder ever!

heather smith said:

i dont love it but i dont mind it

BethElderton said:

I do not love doing laundry, however, I do Love clean clothes!
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Mare/TommyGirl said:

I don't enjoy laundry, but it's not something that I hate (that would be trash). I do love the feel and smell of warm towels fresh out of the dryer though.

Moggie said:

I definitely don't enjoy doing laundry, but it's better than washing the dishes!

Unknown said:

I enjoy doing the laundry...but not putting it all away! :)

Barbara Tryon said:

I dont mind it too much!!

Anonymous said:

I don't love to do laundry at all, but it's a necessary evil made easier with products like Purex ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Kelly M. said:

it never seems to end.... but I don't mind too much!

Marthalynn said:

I don't mind doing laundry as long as I don't get behind!

sindy murray said:

I don't mind much until it piles up!!
smlionlamb at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

I really like doing laundry! It smells so good and I'm kind of picky about it. lol

Tracy said:

I don't love doing laundry, but it is one of the chores I mind the least.

Unknown said:

Actually I kinda like doing laundry. I don't even minf folding. It's putting it away that I hate.

--Vicki Vix on r/copter form
fromfurrin at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

I don't mind doing laundry. Thank you for offering this giveaway.


Annmarie Weeks said:

I think my mother is the only woman in the world who truly loves to do laundry. I don't mind putting it in the washer & even moving it into the dryer...but I can't stand the folding!

bev said:

I don't mind doing the washing and drying, but I don't like ironing. Thanks for the contest!

Unknown said:

Ummm, I don't think anyone actually loves to do laundry. I don't mind it as much though.

Michelle said:

who loves to do laundry? as a matter of fact I have laundry in both the washer and dryer left over from yesterday because it got so late I fell asleep! I hate walking down to the basement to do my laundry.

Sara Wood said:

I dont mind doing laundry most of the time.

Julie said:

not crazy about doing laundry
entering as Julie

Unknown said:

I always do the laundry at home :)
Since I do want to become a good mother -house-keeper :) in the future :)

Julie Lynn Bickham said:

I don't mind doing laundry at all!

Hannah said:

I love doing laundry. :)

Unknown said:

I dont mind it at all

Conni said:

The only part I like about doing laundry is the smell of the laundromat. Don't ask me why.. I just love that smell! lol

Guardchic7789 said:

I love doing laundry, it is shockingly a stress reliever from the craziness of graduate school!!

Anonymous said:

I love doing laundry... there is something about it that just makes me feel more organized :)
Ashley S
ashley dot thur at utoronto dot ca

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